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Global Green Tech Group Limited is an investment holding company. The Company, together with its subsidiaries, are engaged in manufacturing and sale of household products, industrial products, cosmetics and skincare products and bio-technology products with medical and cosmetics applications, provision of loan financing services and investment and/or trading in market securities, bonds, foreign currencies, various funds and other income generated fixed assets鈥?portfolios . The Company operates in five segments: household products segment, industrial products segment, cosmetics and skincare products segment, biotechnology products segment, and investments segment. The Company operates in the People鈥檚 Republic of China and Hong Kong. The Company鈥檚 subsidiaries include Bio Beauty Group Ltd., Global Success Properties Limited, GCC Finance Company Limited and Global Power and Energy Company Limited. On July 1, 2009, the Company completed the acquisition of Supreme China Group.
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Our Mission
To achieve excellence in producing quality, environmentally friendly products for consumer and industrial users, by applying our
umer and industrial users, by applying our advanced technologies and strong R&D capabilities to our core businesses. We create products that drive business value, improve the lives of our customers, and enhance business efficiency.


Our History
Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Exchange, Global Green Tech Group (GGT), an international consortium, was established in 1994 in Dongguan City, Guangdong, PRC. Specializing in the development of biotech driven, environmentally friendly products, we have built our “Global Green Tech Industrial Park” at our Dongguan headquarters to house our state-of-the-art biotechnology and chemistry R&D laboratories. In addition to our GMP lab, we also possess sophisticated manufacturing facilities and a quality management system that has led us to achieve ISO 9001 certification.>

Our Core Businesses>
Our business is segregated into four product categories.
• Home and Personal Care Products – Our home and personal care division, the largest
of the four divisions, contributed to over 43% of our FY2003 total turnover. It consists of
some of today’s most popular household brands including the “Tinolux” detergents and “
La Douce” line of body wash products.
• Industrial Surfactants – The second largest division in terms of its contribution to turnover, contributing to over 30% of our Group’s FY2003 total turnover, this division has a sizeable portfolio with over 75 product types. Seven production lines are dedicated to this division. With the recent surge in customer demand, we have planned to further increase our production capability in this division to meet forecasted demand.
• Cosmetics and Skincare – Under the“Marjorie Bertagne (MB)” brand, we manufacture a full line of skin care products. With a distribution network of over 100 counters throughout Hong Kong, Macau, and the PRC, and with state-of-the-art production facilities, the availability of MB products is expanding rapidly. With the hEGF formulation, which goes into all our MB products, this in-house developed, special ingredient’s proven effectiveness in regenerating skin cells has put MB in the forefront of the skin care industry.

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