Based on the global and China macroeconomic data, industry data, company data, RICDB (also called ResearchInChina Economy Data Base) is a visualized economic data base displaying macroeconomic data, industry data and enterprise data in map and graph. It has included nearly 500,000 indices (based on time series), and is continuing to update and increase. The most significant feature of this base is that the vast majority of indices (about 400,000) can be displayed in map.
    Energy, Minerals &Materials
  • Energy and processing of energy
  • Metals & Mining
  • Materials
  • Capital Goods
  • Commercial Services & Supplies
  • Transportation
    Financials & Others
  • Finance Service
  • Utilities
  • Macro-economy (China & World)
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Health Care Equipment & Supplies
  • Health Care Services
  • Biotechnology
    Information Technology
  • Electronics & Components
  • Semiconductor
  • Hardware & Equipment
  • IT &Software
  • Telecom &Networks
  • Internet
  • Optroelectronic & Lighting
    Consumer Goods & Services
  • Automobiles & Transport Equipment
  • Food, Beverage & Agriculture
  • Consumer Durable s& Apparel
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
  • Retailing
  • Diversified Consumer Services
  • Household & Personal Products
Why RIC Database could save great time for you?
Extensive source: take listed companies as example, the data are collected from tens of different sources, each of which have tens of or hundreds of pages. For users, it is time and labor waste for collecting one separate data independently.
Processing process: the database covers companies in America, Europe, Japan, S. Korea and China, which requires large translation work for the information collected from the sources in other languages besides English and Chinese.
Detailed classification and correlation: The classification is very detailed and advanced, which can enable users to find the information he needs easily.
Real-time release: Professional team is responsible for daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly update, which guarantees timeliness and effectiveness of data.
Customized service: you can designate the indices you need or are interested in, whether included or excluded in our database, and we can update or add these indices.
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