Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd.(300121.SZ)
Registered Capital:
108.00(RMB MLN)

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Revenue Breakdown (million RMB)
Anti-coking agent CTP**********
Accelerator NS**********
Increasing a**********
In foreign countries95.66********
Introduction from Company WebSite

Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of China’s rubber chemicals industry, vice chairman unit of the Professional Committee of China Rubber Industry Association, reliance unit of the National Rubber Chemicals Engineering Research Center, the state high-tech enterprise, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center and Shandong Science and Technology Innovation Export Trade Base. The company has developed four systems, seven varieties of green eco-friendly rubber chemicals. Its leading product has domestically advanced rubber anti-scorcher CTP technology and reaches internationally advanced level of similar products. With annual sales of 10,000 tons, it occupies about 60% of domestic market share over the years; vulcanization accelerator NS product has reached the international advanced level of similar products in quality and technical level. Established 10,000T production facilities in China, it has reached an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons. Its plasticizer production capacity has reached 2,000 tons. Our clients include Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Kumho, Hankook and other internationally renowned tyre companies, and Hangzhou Zhongce, Triangle Group, Fengshen Shares, Linglong Tyre, Jiatong Shares, Qiandao Shuangxing, Shanghai Tyre, Chengshan Gubo, Huanan Tyre, Guizhou Tyre, Zhengxin Tyre and other domestic well-known tyre companies. Most rubber products manufacturing enterprises will designate our products as complementary products in their raw materials tendering.

Yanggu Huatai has been devoting to harmonious development between the green Industry and the environment. In view of the issue that rubber chemicals wastewater contains high COD, salt, and is difficult to conduct biochemistry, it has invested RMB 38 million for self-developed multi-effect evaporation + complex biochemistry technology. After evaporation, wastewater will be purified to obtain industrial salt and water, and then be carried out by biological treatment, in order to stabilize its COD indicator around 50mg/L or so. The project listed in the national science and technology support programs in 2008 has reached the international advanced level.

In the strategy of “Technology-driven”, the company has assumed 16 projects in provincial level or above such as the National Science and Technology Support Program, the State Torch Program, the National Promoting Enterprise by Science and Technology, National Key New Product Program, the National Engineering Research Center Program, Shandong Independent Innovation Achievements Major Project, Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Research Program, etc., owned or applied for 25 patents. Its 11 scientific and technological achievements have passed the Identification of Scientific and Technological Achievements, of which seven technologies rank the leading level internationally and four technologies are among the top at home. The National Rubber Chemicals Engineering Research Center established in reliance on the Yanggu Huatai is not only an integrated platform integrating new product, new technology research and development, pilot hatch, standardization, product testing and information, but also the only national engineering research center in rubber chemicals industry in China. Adhering to the tenet of “Gather Superior Resources, Create Innovative Platform, Serve Chemicals Industry”, the company accelerates conversion scientific and technological achievements to practical productive forces, promotes the rapid development of China’s rubber chemicals industry and improves the international competitiveness of the industry through active technical services, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical training, technical and technological radiation and achievements engineering. Currently, it has completed 160 times of technical advices and technical services in various forms and 1,500 personnel training; it actively promotes the standardization of rubber chemicals industry and involves in a number of national standard setting, amendment. Now, it has been completed 3 declarations; it has undertaken 35 science and technology projects in various types and 18 patents, known as the famous professional scientific research institution.

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