Dell to expand Taiwan Design Center staff for cloud computing business

Date:2011-11-04     Source:yangliangyuhanyue  Text Size:

Dell on November 3 announced additional investment in Taiwan to mainly expand staff at its Taiwan Design Center from 600 members currently to 700 in an attempt to strengthen its ability to provide cloud computing solutions for business users in the Taiwan market.

The Taiwan Design Center was established in September 2002 to develop notebooks and coordinate production with Taiwan-based makers. The additional investment will focus on offering cloud computing solutions tailored to different clients including servers and storage devices, according to Dell senior vice president for Enterprise Solutions Group, Brad Anderson.

While there is concern that the global economic depression may decrease enterprise budgets for cloud computing, Anderson pointed out that the depression will in fact help increase adoption of cloud computing solutions as enterprises look to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Currently in Taiwan, Dell's clients for cloud computing solutions are in various industries including semiconductor, electronic components, PCBs, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, telecom services, banking, insurance and financial services, Dell Taiwan indicated. 

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