Sales volume of Haval SUV exceeds 600,000 units, steadily tops the industry


As of December 2011, sales revenue of Haval SUV produced by Great Wall Motors exceeded 600,000 units, which enabled it to become the first SUV brand with sales volume breaking through 600,000 units in China.

Great Wall Motors focuses on SUV business and launched Haval H series (medium-sized) and Haval M series (small-sized). Haval SUV has maintained the top 3 brands in domestic China and No.1 of homegrown brands in terms of sales volume for 8 consecutive years since it first entered the SUV market in 2002. Sales volume of Haval SUV hit 137,000 units in 2010, ranking the first with market share taking up 11.3%.

By targeting the medium-end market with excellent performance-price ratio, Haval series not only avoids direct competition with joint venture brands, but also possesses high quality among homegrown brands. In the future, it will optimize the advantageous resources to consolidate its leading position in the SUV market in China by adopting the strategy of focusing on the development of medium-end SUV market.


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