Advanced Technology & Materials (000969.SZ): net income is estimated to soar by 50% in 2011


Recently, Advanced Technology & Materials (000969.SZ) announced that the net profit attributable to shareholders would accumulate to RMB328-351 million in 2011, up 50%-60% YoY approximately.

In 2011, the company's performance grew substantially, mainly because the output and sales volume of major products grew significantly, some products tended to be high-end-oriented and achieved higher gross margin.

The newly added sintered permanent magnets capacity of 1,000 tons went into production in 2011, and the output of sintered NdFeB is expected to hit 1,500 tons by 2012. Also, rate of capacity utilization will be further improved in the future. In the field of magnetic materials, AT&M occupies market share of 6% to 8% in China domestic market.

Main Products and Market Shares of AT&M, 2011

Source: AT&M; ResearchInChina


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