Pure EV Projects in Dongguan Not Very Mature, Says DDRB Director


Gasgoo.com (Shanghai February 21) - Pure electric vehicle projects in the industrial city of Dongguan, Guangdong are "not very mature," nddaily.com quoted Zhang Junyang, director of Dongguan Development and Reform Bureau, as saying in a report today. Mr. Zhang made the statement on the floor of the thirteenth municipal Communist Party Committee Congress. Wang Zhaohong, Development and Reform Bureau deputy director and spokesman, agreed, adding that modifications will be made to the projects in order to better deal with changes in the industry.

"Pure electric vehicle technology is still not very mature [and] the market is still too small," Mr. Zhang (pictured) said. According to Mr. Zhang, despite receiving billions of yuan in government subsidies, pure electric vehicles have still not gained widespread acceptance in the Chinese market.

Late last June, Dongguan Party Committee Secretary Liu Zhigeng met with Comus Automotive Group Board Director Max Holmes to discuss establishing a new pure EV project in the city. Even earlier, the city had already begun collecting opinions on new legislation aimed at promoting EV auto part technology and industry development.

According to the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, the city agreed to invest 35 million yuan ($5.56m) in EV projects.

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