The possibility of GAC making Chryslers in China cannot be ruled out, president says

   Date:2012-03-20 (Shanghai March 19) - There is nothing preventing Guangzhou Automobile Group from producing Chinese-made Chryslers in the future, Beijing News reported today, quoting statements made by manufacturer president Zeng Qinghong. According to Mr. Zeng, "Producing Chrysler products in China, legally speaking, is no question whatsoever." An excerpt of an interview of Mr. Zeng by the paper follows:

Beijing News: "Will GAC Fiat manufacture models from Chrysler's Jeep brand?"

Mr. Zeng (pictured): "Fiat owns the controlling share in Chrysler (58%), therefore cooperation between GAC and Fiat is cooperation between GAC, Fiat and Chrysler. Producing Chrysler products in China, legally speaking, is no question whatsoever. As to what time production [will start], we are still continuing to hold discussions. Overseas, Fiat is known as enterprise built on making subcompacts, while Chrysler depends on its big SUVs and Jeeps. Both of these [types of vehicles] are exactly what GAC needs."

Beijing News: "What market goals are set for the Trumpchi brand this year?"

Mr. Zeng: "In 2011's fairly slow automobile market, [Trumpchi] sales totaled 17,000 vehicles. Although this number was slightly short of the planned target from earlier in the year, for this completely brand new brand, it is still not bad. This year, GAC not only possesses the Trumpchi sedans (the Trumpchi 1.8 L and 2.0 L), but has added the Trumpchi GS5. These two products, together, will help open up the market. The sales target for this year is 40,000 vehicles."


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