China50 offers 'most exciting' property options


CHINA'S 50 major second and third-tier cities will offer the "most exciting real estate opportunities" for retail and logistics over the next decade, according to the findings of a latest industry report released by a global property services provider.

Led by Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang and Tianjin, the 50 cities will offer huge commercial real estate opportunities for corporations, investors, developers, retailers and hotel operators in the next 10 years because of their unprecedented rate of economic growth, said Jones Lang LaSalle's newest report, "China50: Fifty Real Estate Markets that Matter."

"These 50 cities, which include all of the world's 10 fastest growing large cities, are expected to account for 12 percent of overall global economic growth over the next decade," said Michael Klibaner, head of research for Jones Lang LaSalle China. "These numbers are a clear signal that China50 is one of the world's most exciting real estate opportunities."

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