Analysis on Internet commercialization of China Pharmacy Industry

   Date:2013/12/11     Source:

In recent years, pharmaceutical industry has already established links with Internet, mobile internet and e-commerce. However, of all the links, pharmaceutical industry still has not gone well with Internet development. The phenomenon can be attributed to outdated notion of pharmaceutical companies and slow comprehension on the latest trends.

1.     Pharmaceutical companies are looking for new ways of communication

Because of the characteristics of pharmaceutical industry, the marketing messages can be conveyed are very serious and formal with explicit functions and target. This method is very useful in general marketing, but ignored the youth consumer segment who are more sensitive to new things.

2.     Pharmaceutical companies develop new modes of operation through internet

Two new channels of medical service are quite pervasive these 2 years. Drug sales app and healthcare app are very popular around the world.

3.     Healthcare smart wearable device market

Devices like blood pressure, body signals which are using wearable technology have invaded into healthcare sector. The wearable devices synchronized with software could help to deliver medical service much more in-depth.

4.     China’s medical e-service market is very promising

In 2012, China’s pharmaceutical B2C hit RMB 1.665 billion in contrast with RMB 400 million in 2011. In the first half year, the Tianmao Medical market alone has operated transactions worth RMB 1 billion. And on-line service only has 0.7% share of domestic pharmaceutical market, whilst, in America it is 30%.  

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