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 China Unicom (600050.SH) seizes medium & low-end 3G market positively
CreateTime:2011-10-12 Editor:chenshi
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According to the data released by China Unicom, in August, 3G subscriber reached a net increase of nearly 2.05 million and accumulative total of 27.87 million, while its 2G subscriber achieved a net increase of 315,000 and accumulative total of 158.23 million. This is the first time that its 3G subscriber hit a net increase over 2 million, which was attributed to the vigorous growth in student market and popularization of low-end 3G smart phones.

China Unicom changed its 3G development strategy by gradually penetrating to the medium-end market from the high-end market. Its 3G subscriber rapidly increased along with the improved subsidy towards medium and low-end 3G phones. The first RMB thousand-level phone, ZTE V880, realizes the daily sales volume over 10,000 sets. Besides, China Unicom has launched over 60 models of RMB thousand-level. From October, China Unicom will procure 4 models of RMB thousand-level 3G smart phone on a large scale totaling 8 million sets, in order to avoid short supply.

Total Subscriber and Newly Increased Subscriber in Aug. 2011 of China Unicom by Business (mln)

Source: China Unicom


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