China 2D Barcode Scanner Industry Report, 2015-2019
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A 2-dimensional bar code is a black and white geometric graphics distributing on a plane (two dimensions) according to certain rules, as a key to information data. 2-dimensional bar code scanners can read 2-dimensional bar codes and capture content and information herein by scanning 2-dimensional bar codes.

Since 2011, the Internet companies (Tencent, Alibaba) have promoted the 2-dimensional bar code business. The accelerating 2-dimensional bar code industry has boosted the 2-dimensional bar code scanner market to develop quickly. Especially in the second half of 2014, the market demand for 2-dimensional bar code scanners increased significantly thanks to the aggressive promotion of Internet companies.

At present, 2-dimensional bar code scanner enterprises in China are mainly divided into three camps, namely Chinese Mainland enterprises (including Newland, INSPIRY, SUNLUX IOT, MINDEO, etc.), Taiwanese companies (including Argox, CipherLab, Unitech, etc.) and foreign firms (Honeywell, Symbol Technologies, Datalogic, Danso, etc.).

As a leader in the domestic 2-dimensional bar code scanner industry, Newland not only owns independent 2-dimensional bar code decoding chip technology, but also gets involved in 2-dimensional bar code software, such as tax security and 2-dimensional bar code O2O marketing services. It enjoys nearly 50% market share in the Chinese market, serving China Mobile, Suning, BBK, Alipay and other major clients.

In future, 2-dimensional bar codes and scanners will speed up penetration into all aspects, such as the government, production, distribution, supervision and marketing of enterprises, with the maturity of 2-dimensional bar code technology. In 2015-2019, China’s sales volume of 2-dimensional bar code scanners will grow at an average annual growth rate of around 38%, reaching 1.692 million in 2019; the revenue growth rate will be about 33%, and the revenue will hit RMB870 million in 2019.

This report includes the following aspects:
20120114.gifIndustry overview (including definition, classification, development course, policies, regulations, standards, etc.);
20120114.gifMarket supply, demand and prices (capacity, output, sales volume, revenue, factors affecting supply and demand, market prices, competition patterns, etc.);
20120114.gifRegional markets (including status quo and market size of 2-dimensional bar code scanners in North, Northeast, East, South, Central, Southwest and Northwest China);
20120114.gifUpstream and downstream industries (including market size and prices of LED, CMOS sensors, PCB, plastic and other upstream products; the downstream wholesale and retail, industrial manufacturing, logistics management, e-ticketing and medical applications);
20120114.gifAnalysis on eight global 2-dimensional bar code scanner manufacturers and eight Chinese ones (including profile, operation, revenue structure, business in China, 2-dimensional bar code scanner business, etc.).

1 Overview
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.1.1 Definition 
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Policies, Important Planning and Standards
1.2.1 "Twelfth Five-Year Plan"
1.2.2 Policies and Regulations
1.2.3 Industry Standards

2 Market Supply, Demand and Price
2.1 Supply
2.1.1 Capacity and Output
2.1.2 Supply of Major Manufacturers
2.1.3 Factors Affecting Supply
2.1.4 Output Forecast
2.2 Demand
2.2.1 Sales Volume and Revenue
2.2.2 Market Capacity
2.2.3 Factors Affecting Demand
2.3 Supply and Demand
2.3.1 Market Price
2.3.2 Future Price Trend
2.4 Market Competition
2.4.1 Major Brands
2.4.2 Foreign Brands

3 Regional Markets
3.1 North China
3.1.1 Status Quo
3.1.2 Market Size
3.2 Northeast China
3.2.1 Status Quo
3.2.2 Market Size
3.3 East China
3.3.1 Status Quo
3.3.2 Market Size
3.4 South China
3.4.1 Status Quo
3.4.2 Market Size
3.5 Central China
3.5.1 Status Quo
3.5.2 Market Size
3.6 Southwest China
3.6.1 Status Quo
3.6.2 Market Size
3.7 Northwest China
3.7.1 Status Quo
3.7.2 Market Size

4 Upstream and Downstream Industries
4.1 Upstream Industries
4.1.1 Main Raw Materials
4.1.2 Semiconductor Light-emitting Diode
4.1.3 CMOS Sensor
4.1.4 Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
4.1.5 Plastic
4.1.6 Future Price and Supply
4.2 Downstream Industries
4.2.1 Wholesale and Retail  
4.2.2 Industrial Production and Logistics Management
4.2.3 E-ticketing 
4.2.4 Medical

5 Major 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Manufacturers Worldwide
5.1 Honeywell 
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.2 Operation 
5.1.3 Revenue Structure 
5.1.4 Business in China 
5.2 Motorola Solutions 
5.2.1 Profile 
5.2.2 Operation 
5.2.3 Revenue Structure 
5.2.4 Business in China 
5.3 Datalogic 
5.3.1 Profile 
5.3.2 Operation 
5.3.3 Revenue Structure 
5.3.4 R & D Expenditure 
5.3.5 Business in China 
5.4.1 Profile 
5.4.2 Business in China 
5.5 OTRON 
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Business in China 
5.6 Cipherlab 
5.6.1 Profile 
5.6.2 Operation 
5.6.3 Revenue Structure 
5.6.4 Business in China 
5.7 Unitech
5.7.1 Profile 
5.7.2 Operation 
5.7.3 Revenue Structure 
5.7.4 Business in China 
5.8 Argox
5.8.1 Profile 
5.8.2 Business in China 

6 Major 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Manufacturers in China
6.1 Newland 
6.1.1 Profile 
6.1.2 Operation 
6.1.3 Revenue Structure 
6.1.4 Gross Margin 
6.1.5 R & D Expenditure 
6.1.6 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Business 
6.1.7 Strategic Planning
6.2 Invengo
6.2.1 Profile 
6.2.2 Operation 
6.2.3 Revenue Structure 
6.2.4 Gross Margin 
6.2.5 Automatic Identification Business 
6.3.1 Profile 
6.3.2 Operation 
6.3.3 Revenue Structure 
6.3.4 Gross Margin 
6.3.5 Development Strategy 
6.4 Beijing INSPIRY  
6.5 Shenzhen Hao Dexin
6.6 Shenzhen MINDEO  
6.7 Guangzhou Kecheng Computer Science & Technology 
6.8 Shanghai Ju Sheng IOT
Classification of 2-dimensional Bar Codes
Classification of 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanners
Comparison between 2-dimensional Bar Codes and One-dimensional Codes
Applications of 2-dimensional Bar Codes and Scanners
Timeline of 2-dimensional Bar Code Services in Asia
Capacity Utilization of 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2010-2014
Total Output of China 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2010-2014
Total Output of China 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2015-2019E
Total Sales Volume of China 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2010-2014
Total Revenue of China 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2010-2014
Sales Volume and Revenue of 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanners in China, 2015-2019E
Supply and Demand Balance of 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanners in China, 2013-2015
Average Ex-factory Price of China 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2010-2014
Terminal Sales Price of 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanners in China
Average Price of 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanners in China, 2015-2019E
Major 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Brands in China
Major 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Companies in China
Main M & A Cases of Global 2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Industry, 2005-2015
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in North China, 2013-2019E
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in Northeast China, 2013-2019E
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in East China, 2013-2019E
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in South China, 2013-2019E
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in Central China, 2015-2019E
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in Southwest China, 2013-2019E
2-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Market Size in Northwest China, 2015-2019E
Output and Sales Volume of Semiconductor Light-emitting Diode in China, 2008-2014
Price Index of Semiconductor Diode in China, 2013-2015
Global CMOS Sensor Market Size, 2010-2016E
Market Share of COMS Sensor Companies Worldwide (by Shipment), 2013-2014
Market Share of COMS Sensor Companies Worldwide (by Revenue), 2013-2014
China's PCB Output Value and Its Share in Global Market, 2009-2018E
China's Plastic Price Index, 2013-2015
Output of primary plastic in China, 2013-2015
2-dimensional Bar Code Payment Promotion of Major Companies, 2015
Applications of 2-dimensional Bar Codes in Industrial Production and Logistics
Honeywell's Revenue and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Honeywell's Net Income and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Honeywell's Revenue Structure (by Business), 2012-2014
Honeywell's Revenue Structure (by Region), 2009-2014
Revenue and YoY Growth of Motorola Solutions, 2009-2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of Motorola Solutions, 2009-2014
Revenue Structure of Motorola Solutions (by Business), 2011-2014
Revenue Structure of Motorola Solutions (by Region), 2009-2014
Datalogic's Development History
Datalogic's R & D Centers and Production Bases
Number of Datalogic's Employees (by Category), by the end of 2014
Datalogic's Revenue and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Datalogic's Net Income and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Datalogic's Revenue Structure (by Business), 2013-2014
Datalogic's Revenue Structure (by Region), 2013-2014
Datalogic's Revenue Structure (by Application), 2014
Datalogic's R & D Expenditure, 2009-2014
Datalogic's Product Innovation, 2011-2014
Cipherlab's Revenue and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Cipherlab's Net Income and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Cipherlab's Revenue Structure (by Product), 2012-2014
Cipherlab's Revenue Structure (by Region), 2012-2014
Cipherlab's Sales Volume of Main Products, 2013-2014
Unitech's Revenue and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Unitech's Net Income and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Unitech's Revenue Structure (by Product), 2013-2014
Unitech's Revenue Structure (by Region), 2013-2014
Unitech's Sales Volume of Main Products, 2013-2014
Argox's Major subsidiaries in Mainland China
Number of Newland's Employees, 2008-2014
Newland's Employee Structure (by Category), 2014
Newland's Revenue and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Newland's Net Income and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Newland's Revenue Structure (by Business), 2009-2014
Newland's Revenue Structure (by Region), 2009-2014
Newland's Gross Margin (by Business), 2009-2014
Newland's Gross Margin (by Region), 2010-2014
Newland's R & D Expenditure, YoY Growth and% of Revenue, 2010-2014
Number of Invengo's Employees, 2008-2014
Invengo's Employee Structure (by Category), 2014
Invengo's Employee Structure (by Educational Background), 2014
Invengo's Revenue and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Invengo's Net Income and YoY Growth, 2009-2014
Invengo's Revenue Structure (by Business), 2010-2014
Invengo's Revenue Structure (by Region), 2010-2014
Invengo's Gross Margin (by Business), 2009-2014
Invengo's Gross Margin (by Region), 2009-2014
Invengo's Product Output and Sales Volume, 2013-2014
SUNLUX's IOT Revenue and YoY Growth, 2011-2014
SUNLUX's IOT Net Income and YoY Growth, 2011-2014
SUNLUX's IOT Revenue Structure (by Product), 2011-2014
SUNLUX's IOT Revenue Structure (by Region), 2011-2014
SUNLUX's IOT Gross Margin (by Product), 2011-2014
SUNLUX's IOT Gross Margin (by Region), 2011-2014
INSPIRY's Major Co-partners

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