Microsoft Mango system will rise, says HTC executive


President of High Tech Computer (HTC) North Asia Jack Tung, commenting on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 Mango system, pointed out that the smartphone industry is developing into an environment with diversity and hosts multiple platforms; therefore, the rise of Mango operating system is a trend that is evolving.

Tung pointed out that Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform lacks several critical criteria such as friendly user interface, number of applications, and Chinese language support, but Mango has significantly increased support for local content and Chinese language support. As a result, shipments of Mango-based smartphones are expected to start increasing in the fourth quarter.

Tung also noted that HTC and Microsoft have been maintaining a good partnership and will continue to work on expanding Mango market penetration.

Commenting on its competitors, Tung pointed out that Samsung Electronics currently has a very strong market share in both South Korea and China, but HTC has been focusing on strengthening its product lines and retail channels, and he expects HTC will surpass Samsung and become the largest smartphone brand in the North Asia region within the next three years.


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