Baidu Launches Performance Monitoring System for Hongmeiti

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Chinese internet company Baidu's (Nasdaq: BIDU) rich media ad union product Hong Meiti ("Great Media") launched a client campaign management system ( recently, offering performance tracking for clients' ad placements. After opening accounts on the new site, advertisers or ad resellers will be able to log into the client system at any time for real-time data and graphs tracking the performance of all of their ads.

During the first phase of operations, the new site will offer basic ad placement data, as well as reports by day, by region, and "by creativity." All data are kept synchronized with Hong Meiti's backend data.

Daily ad reports offer data for eight key advertising metrics, including advertisement display totals, unique viewer counts, effective view counts, effective view duration, clickthrough counts, and CPC.

Reports by region break down ad performance data by province, and include ad display volume, clickthrough counts, and clickthrough rate data.

"Reports by creativity" survey multiple creative advertisement series from a single advertiser to display daily per-ad placement data, allowing advertisers to more clearly assess the performance of creative ads.

Advertisers will be able to select the order in which different data are presented in the reports, making performance comparison easier. Daily reports and reports by region will offer all data Hong Meiti has collected since its launch last year.


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