China Allocates RMB 26 Bln Subsidy for Energy-Saving Appliances


China's State Council met On May 16 to discuss policies intended to promote the consumption of energy-conserving electronics, ultimately determining to implement an RMB 36.3 bln subsidy in support of those household appliances, lamps, cars, and other consumer goods that meet energy conservation standards. Energy-saving household appliances were allocated RMB 26.5 bln, the largest proportion of the subsidy. Appliances expected to benefit from the new policy are CECP-approved air conditioners, flat-panel TV's, refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters, in an effective period temporarily limited to one year, but subject to extension.

At present, details regarding the implementation of the policy and distribution of the subsidy have not been disclosed, nor have specifics regarding energy-conservation standards or when the policy goes into effect.

One industry source has reported that a subsidy for energy-conserving air conditioners will begin in June, with subsidies for other products starting in July.


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