Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry (Cayman) Co., Ltd.(5227.TWSE)
Introduction from Company WebSite

Aleees always holds the philosophy and business objective of "Human Safety and Environment Friendly" since its establishment. From the El Nino phenomenon due to the greenhouse effect, the several petroleum crises due to the over reliance on petroleum, as well as the ultimate goal of developing a sustainable environment for human beings, Aleees is committed to the research and development of the environment-friendly energy storage technology not only to reduce the excessive use of resources by human beings but also to reduce the battery costs and reuse the earth's resources owing to the long cycle life more than thousands of times of the lithium-iron batteries. Most importantly, Aleees use the natural non-toxic lithium salt, phosphoric acid and iron to manufacture the battery cathode materials so as to say goodbye to the nightmare of heavy metal pollution of batteries.

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