Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd.(603799.SH)
Introduction from Company WebSite

Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. (Shorted as “Huayou Cobalt” below) was founded in 2002, and it is a Hi-tech enterprise focusing on the nonferrous smelting of cobalt, nickel and copper, and the cobalt new materials deep processing. The main products include cobalt tetroxide, cobalt oxide, cobalt carbonate, cobalt hydroxide, cobalt oxalate, cobalt sulfate and cobalt monoxide. And the products are used for Li-ion battery cathode material, high temperature and cemented carbide, frits and glazes, rubber adhesive and petrochemical catalysts. Huayou Cobalt is the largest cobalt chemicals producer at present in China.

Huayou Cobalt upholds technological innovation and scientific management. Huayou Cobalt has the first-class core technology of cobalt and copper hydrometallurgy, cobalt new materials and environmental protection in China by itself, and being certified by ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, GB/T19022 and GB/T15496 management systems. This provides a solid protection for Huayou Cobalt to develop a bigger and stronger cobalt business in the future.

Huayou Cobalt energetically practices the “Going Out” Policy, its cobalt and copper resources exploration and development in Africa has been carried out from 2006. An independent and integrated industrial system of cobalt and copper mineral resource mining, mineral processing and refining has been set up by direct and indirect investment in Africa. Thus, a solid foundation has been established to secure the raw material supplying for the cobalt new material production platform and the long-term development of Huayou Cobalt in China.

The developing route of Huayou Cobalt will be focusing on cobalt new materials industry, assisted by copper and nickel products and based on self-owned overseas mineral resources. Huayou Cobalt dedicates to establish a technological multinational enterprise with the saving resources, environmental protection, and concentrating mining, mineral processing, refining and new material deep processing. By 2015, Huayou Cobalt will accomplish the transnational operating layout, combining the mineral resources development base in D.R. Congo and the cobalt new materials manufacturing base in China, and strive to become a global leading enterprise in Cobalt industry

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