Rumor: Giant CEO Halts MMO Rural Promotion Plan

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Sina Tech, 9/07/11

Shi Yuzhu, CEO of Chinese online game developer and operator Giant Interactive (NYSE: GA), reportedly announced in a recent internal e-mail the suspension of Giant's "Online Games to the Countryside" plan to promote self-developed MMORPG game ZT Online II. Shi stated that at present the moment had not quite arrived for "Online Games to the Countryside."

Shi explained that based on recent media coverage and discussion of the plan, he realized that Giant had not given enough consideration to how to prevent underage rural users from joining the game.

Giant will not resume the rural promotional campaign until it has implemented effective measures to prevent underage rural users from playing the game, according to Shi.

Editor's Note: For more information on this topic, please see "Giant Targets Rural Markets for New MMO," MD 9/05/11 issue.


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