Again, global food security and nutrition grabs worldwide attention

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On 10 September 2011, the International Conference on Food and Nutrition, hosted by the State Food and Nutrition Consultant Committee (SFNCC), was held in Beijing, attracting worldwide attention to global food security and nutrition.

 In his letter of congratulation on the conference, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu noted that ensuring food security and nutrition improvement, as a basic task for economic and social development, concerns the people’ wellbeing and has already grabbed attention from governments, international organizations and the public. At present, despite an increased output of major grain crops, growing demands still cannot be satisfied. Global food security and nutrition development still faces a severe and complicated situation, which requires governments to take concrete, pragmatic and effective measures from all countries, and strengthen international cooperation in various fields.

Hui also emphasized that from now on till 2020, it would be a crucial period for China to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, which would see a quickly changed food structure and improved nutrition of its residents. China would promote balanced development of food consumption, nutrition and production, guide improvement of food and structure of nutrition, drive the development of the modern food industry, and accelerate forming a rational diet model. The government would be committed to not only provide enough food for the people, but also ensure that the public would have safe food, reasonable diet structures for improvement of their health.

Chen Xiaohua, Vice Minister of Agriculture, stated in the opening remarks that China, as a large developing country, has always attached great importance to food security and adhered to the policy of self-efficiency in domestic grain supply. The overall production capacity of agriculture and grain in particular has been improved through measures of strengthening farmland water conservancy projects, accelerating agricultural science and technology progress, increasing minimum purchase prices for major grains and providing subsidies for grain farmers. The grain output has witnessed growth in seven consecutive years. In this year, the summer wheat output realized growth in eight consecutive years, and autumn grain crops would see a prospect of good harvest. Besides, sufficient grain reserve and adequate supply of agro-food products have paved the way to the improved nutrition for the Chinese people.

 Apart from ensuring domestic food security and safety, China plays an important role in dealing with global food security. China has provided food assistance within its capacity, and also offered technology support and assistance to developing countries under the South-South cooperation framework. So far, more than 20 agricultural technical demonstration centers have been established in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and more than 1100 agricultural experts and technical personnel have been dispatched to help developing countries to train their agro-technicians. There would be increased exchange and cooperation in these areas.

After a full discussion, representatives from home and abroad reached the consensus that in an increasingly fast globalized world, economic and social development worldwide demands international cooperation in food and nutrition, especially in its management, policies and technology. The conference had cooperation intent in four areas: first, build a special information share system of international food and nutrition for regular information exchange; second, conduct research and studies on cooperation in food and nutrition; third, hold regular meetings and seminars; and fourth, carry out exchange and training programs for professionals.

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