China's Yanjing beer gets new distributor in Spain

Date:2011-10-17     Source:liaoyanlixiang  Text Size:

The Yanjing Beer Group, a Chinese beverage producer, has selected Miquel Alimentació Group as the new and exclusive distributor of its Yanjing beer in Spain.

Miquel Alimentació Group vice-chairman Ramon Miquel Vilanova and Yanjing Group deputy managing director Dai Yongquan have signed the agreement in Spain, reported Beverage Manager quoting El Punta Avui as source.

Yanjing beer is a pilsner style beer with light-to-medium yellow color has a 4.5% ABV for bottle and 5% ABV for can.

Currently, Yanjing beer has a national market share of over 11% , including 50% of the market share in North China and 85% of the market share in Beijing.

With 33,500 employees in 40 factories, Yanjing Group exports its more than 20 products to the US, Italy and South-East Asia.

The company also produces a range of soft drinks, such as ice tea, jasmine tea, and Jiulongzhai syrup of plum. 

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