Desay Battery (000049.SZ): Net Income Grew by 47.8% in Q1-Q3’11

Date:2011-11-07hankun  Text Size:

During Jan.-Sep. 2011, Shenzhen Desay Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (000049.SZ) realized operating revenue of RMB1.32 billion, with a YoY increase of 53.1%; net income of RMB60.527 million, with a YoY increase of 47.8%. The primary products of the company include power source management system, secondary battery and polymer lithium battery. The increase of performance in the first three quarters of 2011 mainly comes from the growth of output and sales volume of primary products.

Along with the booming of such markets as electric tool, electric automobile and energy storage station and so on, the global portable mobile device and motive power lithium batteries will also maintain rapid development. It is predicted that the compound growth rate of lithium battery for portable mobile devices will achieve 12.1% during 2011-2015; the compound growth rate of power battery market will achieve 96.2%. And Desay Battery will benefit from the rapid development of lithium battery directly.


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