Jiangsu Express (HKG:0177): Toll Income to Decline Slightly


The government of Jiangsu Province has authorized the announcement of the implementation of "The Notice on the Adjustments of Minimum Toll Standards on Toll Rates for the Inter-Network Toll Expressways" with reference to Su Jia Fu (2012) No. 4, Jiangsu Expressway Company (HKG:0177) announced.

The adjustments made to the minimum toll standards on toll rates to the inter-network toll expressways in the province will take effect on 10 January 2012. The minimum toll standards on toll rates for small passenger vehicles with fewer than seven seats will be adjusted from RMB15 to RMB5, while the minimum toll standards on toll rates for other passenger vehicles will be adjusted accordingly.

All of the expressways operated by Jiangsu Expressway Company will be affected by the adjustments. The company expects a slight decline in total toll income as a result of the adjustments.


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