Changan and Changhe Resolve Production Disputes

   Date:2012-01-19 (Shanghai January 18) - Following intense trilateral discussions with the local government, Changan Group has agreed to continue manufacturing Changhe Suzuki vehicles, the Beijing Times reported today. The long-going dispute between the two manufacturers seems like it has temporarily come to end.

The agreement between both manufacturers has five key points: first, Changan Group will not alter any of its commitments made to Changhe Automobile; second, the Changhe Suzuki joint venture will remain the same as before; third, Changhe Suzuki's production certificates will not change; fourth, Changhe's brand and manufacturing locations will not be changed; finally, no other plans will be altered.

Furthermore, Changhe's current general manager will be relieved of his post, with a new replacement to be chosen from the manufacturer's ranks.


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