Duowan Acquires 3D Gaming Platform E-City Sky


Clement Song, co-founder and CEO of Beijing-based 3D online gaming platform provider ECitySky (www.ecitysky.com), has announced that four years after its founding, the company will be acquired by Guangzhou-based online game portal and browser game operator Duowan.

ECitySky's main product Gamexiu.com provides free web games and connects to a number of online communities and social networks. Users can either create their own virtual characters to participate in games or choose photos of themselves after which to model their characters. Users can also change characters' features, such as their clothes, jewelry, and so on.

Among Ecitysky's investors is entrepreneur and angel investor Chris Evdemon, from Beijing-based incubator Innovation Works. Further details regarding the Duowan acquisition have not yet been provided.



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