Shirble Store (HKG:0312) further delays 2011 results release


Shirble Department Store (HKG:0312) announces that as additional time is required for the company to prepare the information requested and for the auditors of the company, KPMG, to perform and complete the audit procedures relating to certain transactions conducted by the group in 2011, the publication date of the 2011 annual results announcement will be further delayed. The despatch of the annual report will also be delayed.

The board acknowledges that the further delay in the publication of the announcement of the 2011 annual results announcement and its the despatch constitute a breach of the Listing Rules. The Stock Exchange reserves the right to take appropriate actions against the company and/or the directors in respect of such breaches.

The company will issue further announcement to inform the shareholders of the company should the date of the board meeting, the date of release of the 2011 annual results announcement and the date of despatch of the 2011 annual report be determined.

Trading in the shares of the company on the Stock Exchange has been suspended from 1:00 p.m. on 29 March 2012 and will remain suspended until further notice.

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