The exportation of China’s Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine only shared 5% of worldwide exportation volume

   Date:2013/12/02     Source:

According to the China Medicine Encyclopaedia of 2013, in terms of Chinese Patent Medicine Exportation, Japan shared 80% of worldwide exportation volume, Korea shared 15% and China only had 3% to 5% shares.

 The most serious constraint against China’s TCM exportation is the nation’s regulatory standards are not consistent to the international’s regulations. Some China’s TCM could meet China’s standards but cannot pass European’s or America’s authorities.

 In 2012, the exportation of China’s TCM had less than $2 billion revenue. And the exportation of herb extractions shared almost half of China’s exportation. Two main problems should be resolved, if TCM would like to make a breakthrough in the global market: the first one is China’s drug medical standards and assessing method should be consistent to international standards; the second one is perspective gap between East and West should be narrowed.

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