Study: Auto Insurance Rates Up 3% (United States)


Car and homeowners insurance climbed in almost every state in 2013, with Michigan having the biggest jump for auto coverage and Oklahoma for home protection, according to a new report.

Research and consulting firm Perr&Knight says auto insurance rates rose nationwide by an average of 2.5% last year. Michigan's rate spiked by 8.6%, followed by Georgia at 5.2%.

"The 2013 auto insurance increase is in line with a five-year trend of annual average rate increases between 2% and 4%, and was lower than the 2012 country-wide rate increase of 3.7%," according to Perr&Knight, which is based in Santa Monica, Calif.

Homeowners insurance across the country had an even larger jump, a 5.1% average above 2012. Oklahoma homeowners paid 12.1% more. Florida was next, at 11%. The firm based its findings on public rate filings by insurance companies representing about 80% of the premiums written in 2013.

Perr&Knight's CEO Tim Perr says the country-wide auto coverage rise is likely due to repair costs rising with inflation (the 2013 national inflation rate was 1.6%, according to government figures). As for homeowners insurance, he pointed to widespread damages caused by severe weather events.

"We see larger-than-trend homeowners increases appear to be concentrated in the wind -- hurricane and tornado -- exposed states," Perr says.


Source:Fox Business;

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