Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2014-2015
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Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2014-2015 covers the followings:
1. Memory technology trends
2. Memory market
3. Memory industry
4. 19 typical memory industry chain vendors

After two years of recession, the global memory market went forward by leaps and bounds in 2013-2014, with scale up more than 20% for two consecutive years i.e. 20.5% in 2013, 22.1% in 2014, the highest growth rate among all semiconductor products. In 2015, the growth rate slows evidently, only 2.3%, and the memory market size is expected to reach USD83.8 billion.

Causes for the decline in growth rate are the followings. The first comes to the falling prices of DRAM. DRAM price began to rise from October 2012, a trend lasting till June 2014, resulting in increased supply and a balance between supply and demand. However, spot prices of DRAM started falling in July 2014.

Second, the demand dropped. Smartphone growth slowed down, the shipment of tablet PC dived and that of desktop PC fell as well. As the world is just stuck in an ill-defined “economic recovery”, China’s economy has seen a slowdown in growth rate, with a sharper decline to occur in its demand in 2016, and so will smartphones then. With the commissioning of new capacities of major memory vendors, especially in the NAND field, the price will fall more than expected. The memory industry will probably suffer another recession in 2016, down 3.1%.


The memory industry can be divided into two camps: South Korean camp and Japanese/American/Taiwanese camp. Taiwan has good scientific research base, enjoying a sound relationship with Japan; technologically supported by the latter for a long time, Taiwan has the most complete industry chain of memory, especially in packing & testing, it sometimes helps South Korean peers. Japan boasts the most advanced technology but lacks strong financial support, mostly in association with US companies, and the two are willing to cooperate with Taiwanese companies. Japan, the United States and Taiwan formed an alliance – Toshiba with SanDisk, and Micron with Formosa Plastics. South Korean vendors still fade next to Japanese ones e.g. Samsung pays an about 3% patent fee to Toshiba each year, but they are competitive in financial strength and production technology.

Mainland China has been the world’s largest memory market, annually importing memory worth tens of billions of dollars from South Korea. China is trying to change this situation but beset with difficulties. The basic industry and basic scientific research strength are relatively backward in Chinese Mainland, even falling behind Taiwan by more than 10 years in field of semiconductor. Since the rate of return on industry is far lower than the monetary speculation, companies in the mainland are keen on capital operation instead of industrial investment. Chinese mainland enterprises may have some achievements in NorFlash sector from which large companies have retreated, but it is hard to make a big breakthrough in DRAM and NAND.

Currently, most of the new technical memories have low capacity, or else they may face bottlenecks of high costs and poor reliability when capacity is raised. It is projected that traditional DRAM and NAND will still occupy the dominant position from 2020 to 2025, NorFlash or SRAM may be replaced by new technologies in the low-capacity memory field. STT-MRAM now moves up fastest in commercialization.

Everspin had shipped 40 million STT MRAM before October 2014. Since then, it worked with GlobalFoundries in making STT MRAM (40 nm technology).

Intel, IBM, Samsung, SK Hynix and Qualcomm are developing MRAM storage technology while Japanese companies are pretty competitive in this area. In addition to Toshiba, TDK is also an important participant who showcased MRAM wafer with practical performance demonstration at CEATEC JAPAN for the first time.


1. Memory Technology Trends
1.1 TLC
1.2 3D NAND
1.3 Emerging NVM

2. Memory Market
2.1 Global Memory Market
2.2 DRAM Supply & Demand 
2.3 NAND Supply & Demand
2.4 Global Mobile Phone Market and Industry
2.5 China Mobile Phone Market
2.6 Notebook Computer Market
2.7 Tablet PC Market
2.8 Server
2.8.1 Server Market
2.8.2 Server Industry
2.9 Enterprise SSD Market

3. Memory Industry
3.1 Memory Industry Chain
3.2 Memory Vendor Market Share
3.3 Memory Vendor Rankings
3.4 NorFlash Vendor Market Share
3.5 Chinese Mainland Vendors Beset with Difficulties into Mainstream Memory Areas

4. Memory Vendors
4.8 ESMT
4.10 ISSI

5. Memory Industry Chain Vendors
5.1 PTI
5.3 FATC
Classification of Memory
Comparison between Various Types of Memory
Emerging NVM Time to Market by Application, 2014-2020
Comparison of Emerging Memory and Established Memory 
Global Memory Market Size, 2009-2016E
Global Memory Market by Type, 2014
Automotive Memory Market Size, 2008-2015
Automotive Memory Market by Technology, 2010-2015
DRAM Industry CAPEX, 2008-2015
DRAM Oversupply Ratio, 2013-2016
DRAM Demand by Devices, 2013-2015
DRAM GB/SystemDRAM GB/System, 2013-2015
DRAM Oversupply Ratio, Q1/2014-Q4/2016
NAND Industry CAPEX, 2008-2015
Global Mobile Phone Shipments, 2007-2015
Global 3G/4G Mobile Phone Shipments by Region, 2011-2014
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor in 2014 (Thousands of Units)
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 2014 (Thousands of Units)
Shipments of Top 10 Mobile Phone Vendors Worldwide, 2014
Monthly Shipments of China Mobile Phone Market, Jan 2013-Dec 2014
Market Share of Major Smartphone Vendors in China, 2014
Market Share of Major 4G Mobile Phone Vendors in China, 2014
Notebook Computer Shipments, 2008-2015
Shipments of Major Notebook ODM Vendors Worldwide, 2010-2014
Global Tablet PC Shipments, 2011-2016E
Shipments of Top 5 Tablet PC Vendors, Q4/2014
Shipments, Market Share and Growth of Top 5 Tablet PC Vendors, 2014
Global Server Market Size, 2013-2018E
Top 5 Corporate Family, Worldwide Server Systems Factory Revenue, 2013
Top 5 Corporate Family, Worldwide Server Systems Factory Revenue, Q4/2014
Worldwide: Server Vendor Shipments, Q4/2014 (Units)
Worldwide: Server Vendor Revenue, Q4/2014 (U.S. Dollars)
EMEA Server Vendor Revenue, Q4/2014 (U.S. Dollars)
EMEA Server Shipment, Q4/2014 (Units)
Market Share of Server Brand Vendors Worldwide, 2015
Market Share of Server OEMs Worldwide, 2015
Supply Relationship between OEMs and Server Brand Vendors 
Memory Industry Chain
Market Share of Branded DRAM Vendors, Q1-Q4/2014
Market Share of Branded NAND Vendors, Q1-Q4/2014
Market Share of Mobile DRAM Vendors, Q1-Q4/2014
Memory Vendor Rankings by Revenue, 2013-2015
Revenue and Operating Margin of Memory Design Companies
Operating Margin of Major Memory Vendors, 2013-2014
Market Share of Major NorFlash Vendors, 2012
Market Share of Major NorFlash Vendors, 2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung Memory Division, 2010-2015
Revenue Breakdown of Samsung Memory Division by Product, 2010-2015
Revenue Breakdown of Samsung Memory Division by Application, 2014
Samsung DRAM/NAND Operating Margin, 2010-2015
Samsung DRAM Shipments, 2012-2015
Samsung DRAM ASP, 2012-2015
Samsung DRAM Fab Input (12inch Wafer), 2013-2015
Samsung NAND Shipments, 2012-2015
Samsung NAND ASP, 2012-2015
Samsung NAND Fab Input (12inch Wafer), 2013-2015
Samsung System LSI Revenue vs Operating Margin, 2010-2015
SK Hynix Revenue vs Operating Margin, 2008-2015
SK Hynix EBITDA vs Net Margin, Q1/2013-Q4/2014
SK Hynix Assets vs Liabilities, 2008-2014
SK Hynix Revenue Mix by Product, 2008-2014
SK Hynix Revenue Mix by Application, Q1/2015
SK Hynix DRAM Shipments vs ASP, 2013-2016
SK Hynix NAND Shipments vs ASP, 2013-2016
Micron Revenue vs Operating Margin, FY2008-FY2015
Micron Revenue vs Net Income, FY2008-FY2015
Micron Revenue Mix by Segment, FY2012-FY2015
Micro Gross Margin by Segment, FY2012-FY2015
Micron Revenue Mix by Location, FY2012-FY2015
Micro Customers
Micron Roadmap
Inotera Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2008-2015
Inotera Balance Sheet & Key Indices, Q1/2015
Inotera Cash Flow, Q1/2015
Inotera Monthly Revenue, Mar 2013-Mar 2015
Framework of Nanya, Micron & Inotera
Nanya Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2008-2015
Nanya Quarterly Revenue vs Gross Margin, Q2/2012-Q1/2015
Nanya Mix by Application, Q1/2013-Q1/2015
Nanya Mix by Application, 2012-2015
Nanya CAPEX, 2011-2015
Nanya Shipments, 2011-2015
SanDisk Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2009-2015
Sandisk Revenue Mix by Application, 2009-2015
SanDisk Revenue by Location, 2011-2013
Macronix Organization
Macronix Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2008-2015
Macronix Revenue by Segment, 2013-2015
Macronix ROM Shipments, Q1/2011-Q1/2015 
Macronix ROM Revenue Mix by Tech, 2013-2015
Macronix NOR Shipments, Q1/2011-Q1/2015
Macronix NOR Revenue Mix by Tech, 2013-2015
Macronix NOR Revenue Breakdown, Q1/2015
Macronix SLC NAND Shipments, 2013-2015
ESMT Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2009-2015
ESMT Monthly Revenue, Mar 2013-Mar 2015
Etron Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2009-2015
Etron Monthly Revenue, Mar 2013-Mar 2015 
ISSI Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2008-2015
ISSI Revenue by Segment, 2014
ISSI Customers
ISSI Revenue by Product, FY2009\FY2014
ISSI Automotive Market Revenue, FY2009\FY2014
Winbond Organization
Winbond Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2009-2015
Winbond Quarterly Revenue vs Gross Margin, Q2/2013-Q1/2015
Winbond Revenue by Application, 2014-2015
Winbond Revenue by Geometry, 2013-2015
Winbond CAPEX, 2010-2015
Winbond Revenue by Segment, 2011-2015
Cypress Revenue vs Operating Margin, 2007-2014 
Cypress Revenue by Business, 2009-2014 
Cypress Revenue by Region, 2009-2014
Spansion Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2009-2013
Spansion Revenue by Region, 2011-2013
New Cypress Revenue by Application 
GigaDevice Balance Sheet, 2011-2013
GigaDevice Revenue vs Operating Income, 2011-2013
GigaDevice Cash Flow, 2011-2013
GigaDevice Financial Indicators, 2011-2013
GigaDevice Customer Distribution, 2013 
GigaDevice Supplier Distribution, 2013
Toshiba Revenue by Segment, FY2011-FY2015
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Components Segment Revenue by Product, FY2011-FY2015
PTI Organization
PTI Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2008-2015
PTI Monthly Revenue, Mar 2013-Mar 2015
PTI Revenue Mix by Application, Q1/2014-Q1/2015
ChipMOS Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2003-2014
ChipMOS Revenue vs Operating Margin, 2009-2014
ChipMOS Revenue by Business, 2010-2014
ChipMOS Revenue by Product, 2010-2014
ChipMOS Utilization Rate vs EBITDA Margin, 2010-2014
ChipMOS Cash Flow and CAPEX, 2009-2014
ChipMOS Roadmap, 2014-2016
ChipMOS Technology Development & Business Alignment 
Formosa Plastics Organization
FATC Organization
FATC Revenue vs Operating Margin, 2006-2015
FATC Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2009-2015
FATC Monthly Revenue, Mar 2013-Mar 2015
ADATA Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2008-2015
ADATA Monthly Revenue, Mar 2013-Mar 2015
ADATA Revenue by Segment, 2011-2015
ADATA Worldwide
SIMO Revenue vs Gross Margin, 2010-2015

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