China Engineering Adhesive Industry Report, 2015-2018
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It is over the recent years that China's engineering adhesive market has seen rapid development, with a CAGR of 20.6% during 2009-2014. In 2014, the output of engineering adhesives in China totaled approximately 711,000 tons, up 20.7% from a year ago. Moreover, in automobiles, wind power, high-speed rail, and other high-end fields in which adhesives are used, China-made engineering adhesives have partially substituted for imports.

In China, the demand for silicone adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, and polyurethane adhesive is the largest, and accounted for 45.1%, 30.3%, and 15.9%, respectively, in 2014. However, other small adhesive varieties including anaerobic adhesive, though occupying a small market share, have high prices and handsome gross margins. In 2014, China’s output of anaerobic adhesive totaled only 3,850 tons, but with the average ex-factory price of RMB100,000/ton. Even the products from the manufacturers like Huitian Adhesive and Tonsan Adhesive are priced at more than RMB150,000 /ton.

With a full range of product varieties and advanced technologies, the global well-known adhesive manufacturers such as H.B. FULLER, Henkel, 3M, Sika, and ITW have held the larger portion of the engineering adhesive market in China. What’s more, these players are still increasing investments in China to sweep more market shares.

In 2013, Henkel established in Shanghai the world's largest industrial adhesive plant with an annual capacity of 428,000 tons, a plant that is positioned to satisfy the demand for adhesives used in automobiles and consumer goods in Asia. At the end of June 2014, H.B. FULLER announced to acquire a 95% stake in Tonsan Adhesive for RMB1.4 billion (USD230 million) in cash. In early 2015, the acquisition was approved by the Chinese government.

The Chinese engineering adhesive enterprises were mostly founded in the 1980s-1990s. These enterprises, which started very late, develop very fast and can compete with foreign counterparts in some market segments. They consist mainly of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, Kangda New Material, Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology, Comens New Materials, Zhijiang Silicone, and Guangzhou Xiinzhan, among others.

As an important supplier of engineering adhesive in China, Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise applies its products in the fields of automobile and renewable energy. In 2014, its output and sales volume of engineering adhesives exceeded 20,000 tons, which generated revenue of RMB634.7 million. Among them, silicone adhesive and polyurethane adhesive accounted for a combined 82.8% share of total revenue. In addition, the company increased the projects of 10kt/a silicone adhesive and 10kt/a polyurethane adhesive in 2015.

Kangda New Materials mainly produces epoxy structural adhesive. In 2014, the company produced and sold around 16,000 tons of adhesive and realized revenue of RMB527.2 million, of which epoxy structural adhesive represented 70.0%. On March 20, 2015, the company finished construction of the project with raised funds for epoxy structural adhesive and so forth. The company is now working to apply for trial production, and it is expected to partially yield benefits in 2015.

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China Engineering Adhesive Industry Report, 2015-2018 by ResearchInChina highlights the followings:

20120114.gifDevelopment status, demand and supply, competitive landscape, and development prediction of China’s Engineering Adhesive industry;
20120114.gifCurrent situation, competitive landscape, and development forecast of China’s engineering adhesive market segments, including silicone adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, epoxy adhesive, and acrylate adhesive;
20120114.gifOperation, adhesive business, and development prospects of 11 overseas and 10 Chinese engineering adhesives enterprises.

1. Overview of Engineering Adhesive
1.1 Definition and Classification of Adhesives
1.2 Definition and Classification of Engineering Adhesive

2. Global and China Engineering Adhesive Market
2.1 Operating Environment
2.1.1 Market Environment Worldwide
2.1.2 Policy Climate in China
2.2 Overall Status Quo
2.3 Demand & Supply
2.3.1 Global 
2.3.2 China 
2.3.3 Market Demand
2.4 Competitive Landscape 
2.5 Downstream Demand for Engineering Adhesives
2.5.1 Construction
2.5.2 Automobile
2.5.3 Wind Power and PV
2.5.4 Electrical & Electronics
2.5.5 Other Fields
2.6 Development Prospects

3. Chinese Engineering Adhesive Market Segments
3.1 Organic Silicone Structural Adhesive
3.2 Epoxy Structural Adhesive
3.3 PU Structural Adhesives
3.4 Acrylate Structural Adhesive and Others

4. Major Global Suppliers
4.1.1 Profile 
4.1.2 Operation
4.1.3 Revenue Structure
4.1.4 Gross Margin
4.1.5 R&D and Investment
4.1.6 Development in China
4.2.1 Profile 
4.2.2 Operation
4.2.3 Revenue Structure
4.2.4 Gross Margin
4.2.5 R&D and Investment
4.2.6 Adhesive
4.2.7 Development in China
4.3.1 Profile 
4.3.2 Operation
4.3.3 Development in China
4.4 3M
4.4.1 Profile 
4.4.2 Operation
4.4.3 Revenue Structure
4.4.4 R&D and Investment
4.4.5 Development in China
4.5 ITW
4.5.1 Profile 
4.5.2 Operation
4.5.3 Revenue Structure
4.5.4 R&D
4.5.5 Development in China
4.6 SIKA
4.6.1 Profile 
4.6.2 Operation
4.6.3 Revenue Structure
4.6.5 R&D and Investment
4.6.6 Development in China
4.7.1 Profile 
4.7.2 Operation
4.7.3 Revenue Structure
4.7.4 Gross Margin
4.7.5 Investment
4.7.6 Development in China
4.8.1 Profile 
4.8.2 MSC
4.8.3 MPM
4.8.4 Development in China
4.9.1 Profile 
4.9.2 Operation
4.9.3 Development in China
4.10.1 Profile 
4.10.2 Operation
4.10.3 Adhesive 
4.10.4 Development in China
4.11 Tex Year Industries Inc.
4.11.1 Profile 
4.11.2 Operation
4.11.3 Revenue Structure
4.11.4 Gross Margin
4.11.5 R&D
4.11.6 Adhesive 
4.11.7 Business in China

5. Major Suppliers in Mainland China
5.1 Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise Co., Ltd.
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Revenue Structure
5.1.4 Gross Margin
5.1.5 R&D and Investment
5.1.6 Clients and Suppliers
5.1.7 Development Prediction
5.2 Shanghai Kangda New Materials Co., Ltd.
5.2.1 Profile 
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Revenue Structure
5.2.4 Gross Margin
5.2.5 R&D and Investment
5.2.6 Clients and Suppliers
5.2.7 Development Prediction
5.3 Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
5.3.1 Profile 
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Revenue Structure
5.3.4 Gross Margin
5.3.5 R&D and Investment
5.3.6 Clients and Suppliers
5.3.7 Development Prediction
5.4 Beijing Comens New Materials Co., Ltd.
5.4.1 Profile 
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Revenue Structure
5.4.4 Gross Margin
5.4.5 R&D and Investment
5.4.6 Clients and Suppliers
5.4.7 Development Prediction
5.5 Tonsan Adhesive, Inc.
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Development Prospects
5.6 Shandong North Modern Chemistry Industry Co., Ltd.
5.6.1 Profile 
5.6.2 Adhesive Manufacturers
5.7 Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
5.7.1 Profile 
5.7.2 Operation
5.7.3 R&D
5.8 Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co., Ltd.
5.8.1 Profile 
5.8.2 Operation
5.9 Guangzhou Xinzhan Silicone Co., Ltd.
5.9.1 Profile 
5.10 Dongguan Pustar Adhesives & Sealants Co., Ltd.
5.10.1 Profile 
5.10.2 Development

6. Conclusion and Forecast
6.1 Enterprise
6.2 Market 
Definition and Classification of Adhesives
Classification and Application of Engineering Adhesives
Engineering Adhesive Industry Chain
Major Policies on Engineering Adhesive in China, 2006-2014
Adhesive Output and YoY Growth in China, 2003-2014
Adhesive Revenue and YoY Growth in China, 2003-2014
Global Adhesive and Sealant Market Volume, 2014
Global Adhesive Market Structure by Chemical Composition, 2014
Global Adhesive Market Structure by Application, 2014
Output and YoY Growth of Engineering Adhesives in China, 2009-2018E
Output of Engineering Adhesives in China by Chemical Composition, 2014
Market Structure of Engineering Adhesives in China by Application, 2014
New Housing Starts, Floor Space under Construction, and Completed Floor Space of Houses in China, 2007-2014 
Output of Automobiles in China, 2005-2018E
Added Installed Capacity of Wind Power in China and Worldwide, 2007-2014
Installed Solar PV Capacity in China and Worldwide, 2007-2014
Revenue of China Electronic Information Industry, 2010-2014 
Output and YoY Growth of Organic Silicone Adhesives in China, 2008-2018E 
China’s Organic Silicone Adhesive Projects Proposed/under Construction, 2015  
Output and YoY Growth of Epoxy Resin Adhesives in China, 2008-2018E 
Output and YoY Growth of Polyurethane Adhesives in China, 2008-2018E 
Output of Other Structural Adhesives in China, 2008-2018E
Competitive Landscape of Anaerobic Adhesive Enterprises in China by Output, 2014  
Average Ex-factory Price for Products of Major Anaerobic Adhesive Enterprises in China, 2014  
Distribution of H.B. Fuller’s Plants Worldwide, 2014 
Revenue and EBITDA of H.B. Fuller, FY2009-FY2015 
Revenue of H.B. Fuller by Business, FY2012-FY2015
Gross Margin of H.B. Fuller, 2008-2015 
H.B. Fuller’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2008-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Henkel, 2008-2015  
Henkel’s Revenue Structure by Business, 2010-2015  
Henkel’s Revenue Structure by Region, 2010-2015
Henkel’s Gross Margin, 2009-2015  
Henkel’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2009-2015 
Revenue and YoY Growth of Henkel’s Adhesive Technical Service, 2009-2015
Threebond’s Revenue, 2001-2013  
Revenue Structure of Threebond by Product, 2013
Revenue and Net Income of 3M, 2008-2015
3M’s Revenue and Operating Income by Sector, 2011-2014  
3M’s Revenue and Operating Income by Region, 2011-2013
3M’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2009-2015
3M’s Offices in China
ITW’s Revenue and Operating Income, 2008-2015  
ITW’s Revenue by Business, 2011-2015 
ITW’s Revenue by Region, 2012-2015  
ITW’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2008-2014  
Sika’s Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2014   
Sika’s Revenue Structure by Application, 2009-2014   
Sika’s Revenue Structure by Region, 2014  
Sika’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2008-2014 
Sika’s Subsidiaries in China as of the End of 2014
Revenue and Net Income of Cytec Industries, 2008-2015  
Revenue Structure of Cytec Industries by Application, 2011-2015
Revenue Structure of Cytec Industries by Region, 2011-2014
Gross Margin of Cytec Industries, 2008-2014  
MSC’s Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2014
MSC’s Revenue by Product, 2013
MPM’s Revenue and Net Income, 2008-2015  
MPM’s Revenue Structure by Product, 2008-2015
Revenue and Net Income of Dow Corning, 2008-2015
Ashland’s Revenue and Net Income, FY2012-FY2015
Revenue Structure of ASH’s Special Additives by Product, 2014
Revenue and Net Income of Tex Year, 2008-2015
Revenue Structure of Tex Year by Product, 2013-2014
Revenue of Tex Year by Region, 2013-2014
Revenue of Tex Year by Business, 2008-2013
Gross Margin of Tex Year, 2008-2015  
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Tex Year, 2008-2015
Tex Year’s Revenue from Hot Melt Adhesives and Other Adhesives and % of Total Revenue, 2013-2014
Capacity, and Output, and Sales Volume of Tex Year’s Hot Melt Adhesives and Other Adhesives, 2013-2014
Output Value and Revenue of Tex Year’s Hot Melt Adhesives and Other Adhesives, 2013-2014
Name List, Operating Revenue, and Shareholding Ratio of Tex Year’s Holding Subsidiaries in China as of the End of 2014
Engineering Adhesive Output and Sales Volume of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, 2012-2014 
Revenue and Net Income of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, 2009-2015
Revenue of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise by Product, 2008-2015
Revenue of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise by Application, 2012-2015
Revenue of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise by Region, 2008-2015 
Gross Margin of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise by Product, 2008-2014  
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, 2008-2015
Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, 2009-2014 
Procurement from Top 5 Suppliers and % of Total Procurement of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, 2009-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise, 2014-2018E
Adhesive Output and Sales Volume of Kangda New Materials, 2011-2014 
Revenue and Net Income of Kangda New Materials, 2008-2015  
Revenue of Kangda New Materials by Product, 2008-2015 
Revenue of Kangda New Materials by Region, 2008-2015   
Gross Margin of Kangda New Materials by Product, 2008-2015  
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Kangda New Materials, 2011-2015
Project Investment and Progress of Kangda New Materials as of the End of 2013
Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue of Kangda New Materials, 2009-2014
Procurement from Top 5 Suppliers and % of Total Procurement of Kangda New Materials, 2009-2014  
Revenue and Net Income of Kangda New Materials, 2014-2018E
Revenue and Net Income of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology, 2008-2015
Revenue of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology by Product, 2008-2015
Revenue from Room Temperature Silicone Adhesive of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology by Application, 2011-2015 
Revenue of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology by Region, 2008-2014  
Gross Margin of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology by Product, 2008-2013
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology, 2008-2015 
Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology, 2009-2014 
Name List and Revenue Contribution of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology’s Top 5 Clients, 2013
Procurement from Top 5 Suppliers and % of Total Procurement of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology, 2009-2014 
Revenue and Net Income of Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology, 2014-2018E 
Capacity, Output, Sales Volume, Capacity Utilization, and Sales-output Ratio of Polyurethane Adhesive of Comens New Materials, 2008-2014 
Revenue and Net Income of Comens New Materials, 2009-2015
Revenue of Comens New Materials by Product, 2009-2014
Gross Margin of Comens New Materials by Product, 2009-2014
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Comens New Materials, 2009-2014 
Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue of Comens New Materials, 2009-2014  
Procurement from Top 5 Suppliers and % of Total Procurement of Comens New Materials, 2009-2014  
Revenue and Net Income of Comens New Materials, 2014-2018E  
Revenue of Tonsan Adhesive, 2011-2015  
Tonsan Adhesive’s Downstream Consumption and Clients
Baiyun Chemical’s New Product Development and Characteristics, 2013-2014H1
Revenue of Major Global and Chinese Engineering Adhesive Manufacturers, 2010-2015 
Net Income of Major Global and Chinese Engineering Adhesive Manufacturers, 2010-2015  
Net Income of Major Global Engineering Adhesive Manufacturers, 2010-2015 
Output of Major Chinese Engineering Adhesive by Product, 2014-2018E 

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