Global and China Synthetic Diamond Industry Report, 2016-2020
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At present, China has been the world's biggest monocrystalline diamond producer, with 2015’s output accounting for 91% of the global total. In the context of China’s slowing economic growth and weakened traditional industrial products market, the output of synthetic diamond fell for two consecutive years, to 15.1 billion karats in 2015, a 10.1% drop from a year ago. In 2016, the output declined about 7.9% to 13.9 billion karats. With industrial transformation and upgrading, China’s synthetic diamond market is beginning to pick up. In the next three years, China’s output of monocrystalline synthetic diamond is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 1%-5%, to 16.5 billion karats by 2020.

 金刚石 英文_副本.png

Synthetic diamond is mainly used in diamond tools. In 2015-2016, affected by the downslide in stone material, drilling& mining, and other traditional industries, the overall demand for diamond tools in China declined. By contrast, however, fueled by emerging industries such as PV silicon wafer, sapphire, semiconductor, and electronic information, the demand for diamond wire and other products showed an upsurge. We expect that by 2020 the market demand for PV- and sapphire-used diamond wire will reach 9.075 billion meters and 4.846 billion meters, respectively, a 1.4-fold and 4-fold increase from 2015.

As for competitors, Zhongnan Diamond, Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, and Henan Huanghe Whirlwind ranked among the top 3 in Chinese synthetic diamond industry, holding a combined market share of 75.3% (by output) in 2015. Nevertheless, Chinese companies are mainly concentrated in low and mid-end market, while the high-end market is dominated by foreign companies like Element Six, Hyperion, and ILJIN. In the future, as breakthroughs are continuously made in technological R&D, China-made products will gear towards high-end ones.

In recent years,in response to the downturn in traditional industrial market, the Chinese synthetic diamond giants such as Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, and Zhongnan Diamond have begun to shift their focus to consumer artificial gemstone. Take examplefor Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, which invested RMB4.3 billion in a “7 million karats/a gem-grade diamond” project in September 2015. Moreover, the company also took over KIMLIFE in 2016 to expand the sales channels of diamonds. Apart from the forementioned three giants, scores of enterprises including Exin Diamond and Zhengzhou Lixin Hydraulic Equipment have started to venture into synthetic diamond field. Among them, Exin Diamond raised funds in 2016 to expand the scale of gem-grade decorative diamond products. In January 2017, it also signed a contract with European Research Institute for Monocrystalline Diamond to jointly construct a 300,000 sets/a gem-grade fancy blue diamond project.

The report is primarily concerned with the following:
20120114.gifMarket demand, import and export, price, competitive landscape, and development trends of monocrystalline synthetic diamond;
20120114.gifMarket development and trends of polycrystalline synthetic diamond, diamond micro-powder, and wire drawing die blanks;
20120114.gifMarket development of main synthetic diamond raw materials (including graphite, pyrophyllite, and metallic catalyst);
20120114.gifMarket development and trends of synthetic diamond sawblade, diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutter, diamond wire, and synthetic diamond;
20120114.gifOperation and development strategy of 26 key global and Chinese synthetic diamond enterprises.

1 Overview
1.1 Definition 
1.2 Production Technology
1.3 Industry Chain

2. Synthetic Diamond Market
2.1 Overview
2.2 Supply and Demand
2.2.1 Output
2.2.2 Consumption
2.3 Import and Export
2.3.1 Export
2.3.2 Import
2.4 Price
2.5 Competitive Landscape
2.6 Development Trend

3. Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond Market
3.1 Composite Super-hard Materials
3.1.1 Global 
3.1.2 China
3.2 Diamond Compacts
3.3 Diamond Micro-powder
3.4 Wire Drawing Die Blanks

4. Upstream and Downstream Markets of Synthetic Diamond Industry
4.1 Raw Material Market
4.1.1 Graphite
4.1.2 Pyrophyllite
4.1.3 Metallic Catalyst
4.2 Diamond Tool
4.3 Diamond Grinding Wheel
4.3.1 Market
4.3.2 Import and Export
4.4 Diamond Saw and Drill (Saw Blade and Drill Bit) Product 
4.4.1 Market
4.4.2 Import and Export
4.5 Diamond Cutter
4.5.1 Market
4.5.2 Import and Export
4.5.3 Competitive Landscape
4.6 Diamond Wire
4.6.1 Photovoltaic Market Demand
4.6.2 Sapphire Market Demand
4.7 Synthetic Diamond

5. Global and China Synthetic Diamond Manufacturers
5.1Sandvik Hyperion
5.2 Element Six
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Development in China
5.3 US Synthetic
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.4 Sumitomo Electric Industries
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.4.3 Development in China
5.5 Saint Gobain
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.5.3 Development in China
5.6 Husqvarna
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.6.3 Development in China
5.7 Tyrolit
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Development in China
5.8 ILJin
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Development in China
5.9 Zhongnan Diamond
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Capacity, Output, and Sales Volume
5.9.3 Development Prospects
5.10 Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond 
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.10.3 Development Prospects
5.11 Henan Huanghe Whirlwind
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.11.3 Development Prospects
5.12 SF Diamond
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.12.3 Development Prospects
5.13 BOSUN Tools
5.13.1 Profile
5.13.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.14 Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation
5.14.1 Profile
5.14.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.15 Advanced Technology & Materials (AT&M)
5.15.1 Profile
5.15.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.16 CR GEMS Diamond
5.16.1 Profile
5.16.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.17 Zhengzhou New Asia Super-hard Material Composite
5.18 Henan Yalong Diamond Tools
5.19 Shenzhen HaimingrunSuperhard Materials
5.19.1 Profile
5.19.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.20 Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding Co., Ltd.
5.21 Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications
5.21.1 Profile
5.21.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.22 King-strong New Material Technology
5.22.1 Profile
5.22.2 Synthetic Diamond Business
5.23 Anhui Hongjing New Material
5.24 FUNIK Ultrahard Material
5.24.1 Profile
5.24.2 Ultrahard Material Business
5.25 Zhengzhou RealySuperabrasives
5.26 Jingri Diamond Industrial
Performance and Features of Synthetic Diamond 
Method for Synthetic Diamond Production
HTHP-based Diamond Manufacturing 
CVD-based Diamond Manufacturing 
Synthetic Diamond Industry Chain
Main Applications of Synthetic Diamond
Synthetic Diamond Sawblade with Various Functions
Quality Evolution of Chinese Synthetic Diamond 
Mass Fraction of Chinese Synthetic Diamond Impurity
Output and YoY Growth of Synthetic Diamond in China, 2005-2016
Apparent Consumption of Diamond in China, 2010-2016
Applications of Synthetic Diamond in China
Export Volume and YoY Growth of Diamond in China, 2006-2016
China’s Diamond Export Volume by Country, 2016  
China’s Diamond Export Value by Country, 2016
Import Volume and YoY Growth of Diamond in China, 2010-2016
China’s Diamond Import Volume by Country, 2016
China’s Synthetic Diamond Import Value by Country, 2016
Price of Synthetic Diamond in China, 2008-2020E
Import & Export Unit Price for Chinese Synthetic Diamond, 2007-2016 
Revenue of Top 10 Synthetic Diamond Companies in China, 2015-2016
Market Share of Major Synthetic Diamond Manufacturers in China by Output, 2015
Output and Sales Volume of Major Synthetic Diamond Manufacturers in China, 2015
Main Products and Capacity of Major Synthetic Diamond Manufacturers in China, 2016  
Synthetic DiamondMarket Patternin China, 2016  
R&D Costs of Major Synthetic Diamond Companies in China, 2016
China’s Synthetic Diamond Output, 2015-2020E
Main Applications of Diamond Micro-powder
Potential Demand Structure of Nano-diamond Powder
Market Capacity of Wire Drawing Die Blanks in China, 2008-2020E
Market Share of Major Wire Drawing Die Blanks Enterprises Worldwide
Maximum Diameter for Wire Drawing Die Blanks Product of Main Global Enterprises 
Global Graphite Output and Reserves by Country/Region, 2012-2015
China’s Graphite Output, Consumption, and Export Volume, 2000-2016
China’s Graphite Price Trend, 2013-2016
Classification ofPyrophyllite Ore 
Demand for Synthetic Diamond-dedicated Pyrophyllite in China, 2015-2020E
Main Pyrophyllite Manufacturers
Major Metallic Catalyst Suppliers in China
Nickel Price Trend, 2016
Classification of Diamond Tools
Structure of Diamond Tools
Output of Diamond Grinding Wheel in China, 2009-2020E
Output Value of Diamond Grinding Wheel in China, 2009-2020E
Unit Price of Diamond Grinding Wheel in China, 2009-2020E
Export Volume of Grinding Wheel in China, 2010-2016
Export Value of Grinding Wheel in China, 2010-2016
Import Volume of Grinding Wheel in China, 2010-2016
Import Value of Grinding Wheel in China, 2010-2016
Import & Export Unit Price of Grinding Wheel in China, 2010-2016
Output of Super-hard Saw and Drill (Saw Blade and Drill Bit) in China, 2009-2020E
Output Value of Super-hard Saw and Drill (Saw Blade and Drill Bit) in China, 2009-2020E
ASP for Super-hard Saw and Drill (Saw Blade and Drill Bit) Products in China, 2009-2020E
Price Trend for International Crude Oil, 2014-2016
Average Import Price of Crude Oil in China, 2014-2016
China’s Super-hard Sawblade Export Volume, 2013-2016   
China’s Super-hard Sawblade Export Value, 2013-2016
China’s Super-hard Sawblade Import Volume, 2013-2016
China’s Super-hard Sawblade Import Value, 2013-2016 
China’s Super-hard Sawblade Import & Export Unit Price, 2013-2016
Proportion of Cutters Worldwide by Consumption, 2015
Consumption Scale of Cutters in China, 2005-2020E
China’s Super-hard Cutter Market Size, 2015-2020E
Export Volume & Value and Export Unit Price of Super-hard Cutters in China, 2010-2016
Import Volume & Value and Import Unit Price of Super-hard Cutters in China, 2010-2016  
Market Share of Major Global Cutter-dedicated Compacts Producers, 2016  
Specifications and Applications of Diamond Wire Products Put into Use in China, 2016
Major Diamond Wire Manufacturers and Diamond Wire Projects as of the End of 2016
New Installed Capacity of PV Worldwide, 2009-2020E
Global Photovoltaic Demand Structure by Country, 2016-2017
Percentage of Photovoltaic Modules Worldwide, 2015-2017
Global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Output, 2008-2020E
New Installed Capacity of PV in China, 2009-2020E
Price Trend for Silicon Wafers in China, 2016  
Global and China Demand for Photovoltaic-used Diamond Wire, 2015-2020E
Global Sapphire Product Mix, 2015 
Global Market Size of Sapphire for Consumer Electronics, 2015-2020E
China’s Sapphire Market Size, 2015-2021E
Demand for Diamond Wire for Sapphire in China, 2015-2021E
Global and China Major Events in Fostering Synthetic Diamond Market, 2015-2016  
Diamond Value Chain
Gross Margin of Diamond Industry Chain
Global Market Size of Natural and Synthetic Diamond, 2020E   
Facts of Sandvik Group, 2015   
Element Six’s Synthetic Diamond Subsidiaries in China
Dover’s Drilling & Production Revenue, 2013-2017
Revenue and Net Income of Sumitomo Electric Industries, FY2008-FY2016 
Revenue of Sumitomo Electric Industries by Business, FY2008-FY2016 
Revenue of Sumitomo Electric Industries by Region, FY2008-FY2016     
Net Sales of Sumitomo Electric Industries in Different Regions by Business, FY2013-FY2016
R&D Costs of Sumitomo Electric Industries by Business, FY2014-FY2016 
Global Presence of Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal
Revenue and Operating Income ofIndustrial Materials Division of Sumitomo Electric Industries by Product, FY2014-FY2016
Super-hard Material Products of Sumitomo Electric Industries 
Sumitomo Electric Industries’ Revenue in China, FY2011-FY2015 
Sumitomo Electric Industries’ Major Super-hard Material Companies in China
Revenue and Net Income of Saint-Gobain, 2009-2016
Revenue Structure of Saint-Gobain by Business, 2015 
Revenue Structure of Saint-Gobain by Business, 2016H1
Operating Income of Saint-Gobain by Business, 2014-2015
Revenue Structure of Saint-Gobain by Region, 2015 
Revenue Structure of Saint-Gobain by Region, 2016H1
Operating Income of Saint-Gobain by Region, 2014-2015
Innovative Material Revenue of Saint-Gobain by Product, 2014-2016
Innovative Material Operating Income of Saint-Gobain by Product, 2014-2016 
Grinding Material Products of Saint-Gobain
Saint-Gobain’s Revenue in China, 2002-2016 
Saint-Gobain’s Business and Factory Distribution in China, 2015 
Saint-Gobain’s Production Plants and Main Products in China
Revenue and Operating Income of Husqvarna, 2008-2016
Revenue Structure of Husqvarna by Region, 2015  
Revenue Structure of Husqvarna by Country, 2012-2015
Revenue of Husqvarna by Segment, 2015  
Construction Products Revenue and Operating Income of Husqvarna, 2012-2016
Construction Products Revenue Structure of Husqvarna by Region, 2013
Construction Products Revenue Structure of Husqvarna by Region, 2015
Construction Products Revenue Structure of Husqvarna by Sales Channel, 2013  
Operation of TYROLIT, 2011-2015
TYROLIT’s Business Distribution
TYROLIT’s Production and Sales Locations
Major Milestones of ILJin, 2010-2016
Presence of ILJin’sPlants in China
Revenue and Net Income of Zhongnan Diamond, 2009-2016      
Operating Revenue Structure of Zhongnan Diamond by Product, 2010-2013      
Operating Revenue Structure of Zhongnan Diamond by Region, 2012-2013 
Status of Fundraising Project of Zhongnan Diamond
Capacity and Output of Zhongnan Diamond by Product, 2009-2016
Sales Volume and Revenue of Zhongnan Diamond by Product, 2010-2015
Revenue and Net Income of Zhongnan Diamond, 2016-2020E   
Development History of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond 
Revenue and Net Income of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2007-2016     
Revenue of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond by Region, 2008-2015  
Overseas Revenue and % of Total Revenue of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2011-2015 
Gross Margin of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond by Product, 2008-2016
R&D Costs and % of Revenue of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2011-2016   
Super-hard Material and Product Capacity (by Product) of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2010-2016 
Super-hard Material and Product Output, Sales Volume, and Inventory of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2011-2015
Super-hard Material Output and Sales Volume of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2011-2015 
Super-hard Material Product Output and Sales Volume of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2011-2015  
Monocrystal Material Output Structure of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond
Revenue and Net Income of Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond, 2016-2020E   
Products of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind
Number of Press Machines of HenanHuanghe Whirlwind, 2013-2015
Revenue and Net Income of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, 2008-2016      
Revenue of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind by Product, 2010-2016 
Revenue of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind by Region, 2008-2016 
Gross Margin of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind by Product, 2009-2016 
R&D Costs and % of Revenue of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, 2011-2016  
Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind by Product, 2013-2016
Major Projects of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, 2017
Revenue and Net Income of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, 2015-2020E 
Revenue and Net Income of SF Diamond, 2008-2016 
Revenue of SF Diamond by Product, 2008-2016 
Revenue of SF Diamond by Region, 2008-2015 
Gross Margin of SF Diamond by Product, 2008-2016      
R&D Costs and % of Revenue of SF Diamond, 2010-2016 
Capacity of SF Diamond by Product, 2016
Output, Sales Volume, Inventory of SF Diamond by Product, 2011-2015  
Revenue and Net Income of SF Diamond, 2016-2020E    
Revenue and Net Income of BOSUN Tools, 2008-2016 
Operating Revenue Structure of BOSUN Tools by Product, 2011-2016
Revenue of BOSUN Tools by Region, 2008-2015  
Gross Margin of BOSUN Tools by Product, 2008-2016      
R&D Costs and % of Revenue of BOSUN Tools, 2011-2016  
Project Capacity of BOSUN Tools in Thailand
Revenue and Net Income of Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation, 2013-2016      
Operating Revenue Structure of Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation by Product, 2014-2016
Operating Revenue Structure of Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation by Region, 2014-2016
R&D Costs and % of Revenue of Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation, 2014-2016
Output and Sales Volume of Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Corporation by Product, 2014-2015
Revenue and Net Income of AT&M, 2008-2016
Operating Revenue Structure of AT&M by Product, 2011-2015
Revenue, Operating Costs, and Gross Margin of AT&M by Product, 2016H1
Operating Revenue of AT&M by Region, 2008-2016 
Gross Margin of AT&M by Product, 2009-2015 
Capacity of AT&M by Product, 2016  
Revenue and Net Income of CR GEMS Diamond, 2011-2016  
Operating Revenue Structure of CR GEMS Diamond by Product, 2011-2015       
Operating Revenue Structure of CR GEMS Diamond by Region, 2012-2013
Synthetic Diamond Output of CR GEMS Diamond, 2011-2013 
Operation of Zhengzhou New Asia Superhard Material Composite, 2014-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Henan Yalong Diamond Tools, 2013-2016     
Revenue of Henan Yalong Diamond Tools by Product, 2013-2016 
Revenue of Henan Yalong Diamond Tools by Region, 2013-2016  
Revenue and Net Income of Haimingrun, 2012-2016 
Revenue Structure of Haimingrun by Product, 2012-2014    
Revenue Structure of Haimingrun by Region, 2012-2014    
Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of Haimingrun by Product, 2012-2014
Revenue and Net Income of Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding, 2010-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications, 2009-2016 
Operating Revenue Structure of Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications by Product, 2013-2016 
Operating Revenue of Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications by Region, 2009-2016  
Capacity of Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications by Product, 2016  
Revenue and Net Income of King-strong New Material Technology, 2008-2016     
Super-hard Material Capacity of King-strong New Material Technology by Product, 2008-2016
Revenue and Net Income of FUNIK, 2013-2016      
Revenue Structure of FUNIK by Product, 2014-2015 

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With the better standard of living and the people’s desire for an elegant life, wood flooring sees a rising share in the flooring industry of China, up from 33.9% in 2009 to 38.9% in 2018, just behind...

Global and China Photovoltaic Glass Industry Report, 2019-2025

In China, PV installed capacity has ramped up since the issuance of photovoltaic (PV) subsidy policies, reaching 53GW in 2017, or over 50% of global total. However, the domestic PV demand was hit by t...

Global and China ITO Targets Industry Chain Report, 2019-2025

Featured by good electrical conductivity and transparency, ITO targets are widely applied to fields of LCD, flat-panel display, plasma display, touch screen, electronic paper, OLED, solar cell, antist...

Global and China MO Source Industry Report, 2019-2025

MO source is a key raw material for metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process. Global MO source output ranged at 102.6 tons in 2018, a rise of roughly 4.6% from a year earlier, a figure ...

Global and China Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Industry Report, 2018-2023

Chinese manufacturing rebounded in the wake of a pick-up in infrastructure construction between 2016 and 2018, so did the bi-metal band saw blade as a key integral of metal processing industry. In 201...

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