Global and China Power Device Industry Report, 2011-2012
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Global and China Power Device Industry Report, 2011-2012underlines:
1. power device;
2. global and China power device market;
3. power device industry;
4. IGBT, SiC and GaN market and industry outlook;
5. 18 power device players.

The power device is composed of power IC, power module, and power discrete. The power discrete mainly consists of MOSFET, Diode and IGBT. SiC and GaN, the spotlight in the power device industry, have attracted a great many of venture capital institutions to tap into the market. Compared to silicon semiconductor, the SiC and GaN technologies have more distinct competitive edges.

Thus far, GaN has more distinctive advantages over SiC in terms of optimum operating voltage and optimum operating power. The application of SiC is limited in PFC (Power Factor Correction), smart grid, railcar, offshore wind power, PV and industrial driving field. While in HEV, EV and PHEV markets, SiC is less competitive than GaN. HEV is currently the mainstream in the market and is monopolized by Toyota, which tends to employ GaN instead of SiC. It is very sure that IGBT will remain to hold a dominant position before 2015.? ?

Rail transit is expected to be a big driver for SiC market growth. Leading Japanese SiC enterprises including Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Hitachi are all making desperate efforts to tap into the market and, in particular, Mitsubishi is the quickest to respond. China, as the main battlefield in the rail transit industry, lavished as high as RMB2 trillion investment in it. On September 5, 2012 alone, 2,476 km rail transit project was approved to build in China. Thus far, some 4,300 km rail transit project was approved or under construction. Japanese SiC enterprises will play a leading role in the industry. As for PV Inverter industry, it sank into freeze-up, resulting in producers’ rigid grip over cost. So it is unlikely for SiC to access the industry because of the overhigh cost. And IGBT is still the mainstream right now.? ?

In theory, the market concentration of GaN and SiC has significant overlap. However, GaN has wider application including in below 40V consumer electronics, indicating that GaN is expected to see huge potential in the market. But when it comes to SiC, the minimum voltage should exceed 600V when being applied in consumer electronics. The bottleneck of GaN is the low withstand voltage, which is improving gradually. In addition, it still needs to make technical breakthrough in above 600V application market, and which is expected to become a reality in 2013. ?

The GaN field is witnessing a VC fever. But it is not such a case in SiC field which was dominated by Japanese enterprises. In the GaN market, Transphorm is undoubtedly in the spotlight of investors. Since 2009, Transphorm has obtained investment from Google Ventures (USD20 million) and Soros Fund Management as high as USD104 million. And the latest E round VC finished in early October 2012, valuing USD35 million.? In particular, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, a official entity which never showed interest in investing foreign enterprises, invested Transphorm as high as USD5 million. In addition, Nihon Inter with INCJ as one of shareholders, is set to offer support to Transphorm for the mass production.

Magnates including Samsung, LG, Intel, Infineon, NXP and STMicro are all optimistic about the GaN market. And there is no exception for Denso affiliated to Toyota which invested heavily in GaN filed. In addition, emerging venders including Canada-based GaN Systems, America-based Nitek and Germany-based BeMiTec are tapping into the market. Moreover, Sanken is projected to team up with Panasonic and Furukawa to realize the mass production of GaN products in 2013.

Ranking of Global Leading Power Device Players by Revenue, 2011-2012 (USD mln)
1. Power Device Market 
1.1. Overview  
1.2. Market 

2. Power Semiconductor Market and Industry 
2.1.IGBT Brief 
2.2.IGBT Market 
2.2.1. Wind Power Market 
2.2.2. HEV,PHEV and EV Markets
2.2.3. China Rail Transit Market 
2.3.IGBT Industry
2.4.1.SiC Brief 
2.4.2.SiC Market 
2.4.3.SiC Industry
2.5.1.GaN Brief
2.5.2. GaN Power Semiconductor Market 
2.5.3. VC in the GaN Field 
2.6. Power Device Industry 

3. Power Electronics Companies 
3.3. Infineon 
3.9.Mitsubishi Electric
3.10.Fuji Electric
3.15.Nihon Inter
Power Device Market Size, 2007-2014 
Discrete Power Semiconductor Market Scale, 2007-2014
Product Distribution in Power Semiconductor Market, 2009-2013  
Sales of HEV, EV and PHEV Worldwide, 2009-2020
Sales of HEV, EV and PHEV in North America, 2009-2020
Sales of HEV, EV and PHEV in Europe, 2009-2020
Sales of HEV, EV and PHEV in Japan, 2009-2020
Sales of HEV, EV and PHEV in China, 2009-2020
Investment in Railway Construction in China, 2005-2012
Investment in Subway Construction in China, 2010-2015
Metro Train Shipment in China, 2010-2015
Market Occupancy of Leading IGBT Players Worldwide, 2012 
IGBT Industrial Chain 
Global Distribution of IGBT Manufacturers 
SiC Wafer Manufacturing Flow 
SiC/Si Performance 
SiC/GaN Power Semiconductor Market Scale, 2009-2015 
Application Distribution of SiC/GaN Power Semiconductor
Acquisition Cases in SiC Industry, 2003-2012 
SiC Substrate Manufacturers Worldwide
Ranking of Global Leading Power Device Players by Revenue, 2011-2012 
Ranking of Discrete MOSFET Companies
Sales and Operating Margin of Sanken, FY2007-FY2013
Revenue of Sanken by Business, FY2009-FY2013
Revenue of Sanken by Region, FY2009-FY2013
Sales and Operating Margin of Sanken from Semiconductor Device Business Division, FY2008-FY2012 
Revenue of Sanken from Semiconductor Device Business Division by Application, FY2012 
Revenue of Sanken from Semiconductor Device Business Division by Application, FY2008-FY2012 
Sales and Operating Profit of Sanken from Power Module Business Division, FY2008-FY2012 
Revenue of Sanken from Power Module Business Division by Application, FY2008-FY2012
Sales and Operating Margin of Sanken from Power Module Business Division, FY2008-FY2012
Revenue of Sanken from Power Module Business Division by Application, FY2008-FY2012
Japan-Based Plants under Sanken
Plants under Sanken beyond Japan 
Organization of Renesas
Revenue of Renesas by Business Division, FY2011-FY2012 
Revenue of Renesas from Analog and Power Devices Business Division, FY2012 
Front-End Production Base of Renesas
Back-End Production Base of Renesas
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Profit of Infineon, FY2011Q1-FY2012Q3
Quarterly Revenue of Infineon by Business, FY2011Q1-FY2012Q3
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of Infineon from IPC Business Division, FY2011Q1-FY2012Q3
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of Infineon from PMM Business Division, FY2011Q1-FY2012Q3
Revenue of Infineon from ATV Business Division by Product, FY2011
Revenue of Infineon from ATV Business Division by Downstream Application, FY2011
Revenue of Infineon from IMM Business Division by Downstream Application, FY2011
Revenue of Infineon from PMM Business Division by Region 
Major Customers of Infineon from PMM Business Division
Revenue of Infineon from PMM Business Division by Downstream Application, FY2012H1
Market Occupancy of Major Companies of RF Power Amplifier for Celluar Infrastructure, 2012  
Revenue and Operating Margin of IR, FY2008-FY2012 
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of IR, FY2011Q1-FY2012Q2
Revenue of IR by Business, FY2009-FY2012
Operating Profit of IR, FY2009-FY2012
Revenue of IR by Downstream Application, FY2012
Revenue of IR by Channel, FY2012
Quarterly Revenue of IR from Auto Business Division, 2010Q4-2012Q2
Quarterly Revenue of IR from Enterprise Power Business Division, 2010Q4-2012Q2
Revenue and Operating Profit of ST, 2007-2012 
ST Organization 
Revenue of ST by Business, 2011
Revenue of ST by Downstream Application, 2011
Revenue of ST by Region, 2011 
Revenue from IPD Business Division of ST, 2012H1
Global Production Bases of ST
Revenue and Operating Margin of Vishay, 2007-2012
Revenue of Vishay by Downstream Application, 2011
Revenue of Vishay by Product, 2010Q4-2012Q2
Revenue and Gross Margin of Vishay MOSFET Business Division, 2010Q4-2012Q2
Revenue, Operating Margin and Gross Margin of Fairchild, 2007-2012 
Revenue of Fairchild by Country, 2008-2011
Revenue of Fairchild by Business, 2008-2011
Organization of Toshiba Semiconductor 
Revenue of Toshiba from Discrete Device Business Division, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue of Mitsubishi Electric by Business, FY2003-FY2012
Revenue of Mitsubishi Electric Power Devices, FY2008-FY2015
Revenue and Operating Margin of Fuji Electric, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue of Fuji Electric by Business, FY2010-FY2012
Operating Profit of Fuji Electric, FY2010-FY2012
Revenue of Fuji Electric by Region, FY2011-FY2012
Revenue of Fuji Electric from Electronics Devices Business Division by Business, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue of Fuji Electric from Electronics Devices Business Division by Product, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue of Fuji Electric from Power Electronics Business Division by Business, FY2011-FY2014
Revenue and EBITDA of ON-SEMI, 2007-2012
Revenue of ON-SEMI by Region, End Market and Channel, 2011
Revenue of ON-SEMI by Business Division, 2007-2012H1
Operating Profit of ON-SEMI by Business Division, 2007-2012H1
Revenue of ON-SEMI Standard Products Business Division by Product, 2009
Revenue of NXP by Business, 2009-2012H1
Quarterly Revenue and Gross Margin of NXP Standard Products Business Division, 2010Q1-2012Q2
Quarterly Operating Margin of NXP Standard Products Business Division, 2010Q1-2012Q2
Revenue and Operating Margin of Alpha&Omega, FY2006-FY2012
Revenue of Alpha&Omega by Business, FY2008-FY2012
Revenue of Alpha&Omega by Region, FY2010-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nihon Inter, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue of Nihon Inter by Business, FY2009-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Shindengen, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue of Shindengen by Region, FY2012
Revenue of Shindengen by Downstream Application, FY2012
Revenue of Shindengen by Business, FY2011-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Profit of Rohm, FY2005-FY2012
Revenue of Rohm by Product, FY2003-FY2012
Revenue of Rohm by Region, FY2003-FY2012

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