Global and China Lithium Battery Cathode Material Industry Report, 2013-2014
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Global and China Lithium Battery Cathode Material Industry Report, 2013-2014 mainly contains the followings:

1. Brief introduction to lithium battery
2. Overview of lithium battery industry
3. Lithium battery market
4. Lithium battery cathode material market and industry
5. Trends in lithium battery cathode material development
6. 14 lithium battery cathode material manufacturers
7. 13 lithium battery companies

Given bright prospects in electric vehicle market, many manufacturers, especially those from China, have crowded into the lithium battery industry. Unlike competitors from other countries, most Chinese manufacturers have a single type of product, which leaves them highly dependent on lithium battery market and thus brings with it extremely high risks. And as for the manufacturers outside of China, lithium battery typically occupies a rather low proportion of the total revenue.

Despite a sharp rise in shipments of mobile phones and tablet PCs as well as battery capacity in recent years, the average price of lithium batteries declined amid the fierce market competition. The electric vehicle market hasn't really started, and the significant decline in benefits of lithium battery companies has brought great pressure to the upstream raw materials. The US QE has led to a gradual fall in metal prices starting from 2011, lithium battery cathode material manufacturers have the ability to lower the prices. However, as the US QE programme is being phased out, the metal prices are very likely to bottom out. In future, if lithium battery cathode material manufacturers continue to lower the prices, their profits will shrink, but in face of the insufficient demand from downstream sectors, the manufacturers still have to cut prices.

The price is one of the main factors that hinder the development of xEV vehicle market, followed by mileage and charging infrastructure. It is impossible for the government to provide a long-term subsidy to xEV vehicle market. And once the subsidies come to an end, xEV vehicle still cannot compete with traditional gasoline vehicles, which will inevitably result in a severe decline. During 2014-2015, there will still be a lack of cost-down potential for xEV battery, for the market size remains relatively small. Even the xEV battery manufacturer with the largest output is unable to supply more than 150,000 xEV vehicles. But when the output reaches 500,000 units, the battery cost is expected to see obvious decline, which will therefore bring down the xEV prices remarkably. It is projected that by 2017 the market will present a substantial increase, to 698,000 units, and that this figure will climb to 1.32 million units by 2019.

Lithium battery cathode materials for electric vehicles will develop toward NMC, and the LFP favored by Chinese manufacturers is not suitable for electric vehicles. Currently, it is generally believed that LFP is applicable to ESS market rather than electric vehicle market. The NMC materials are divided into two types: one is represented by LiNi0.8-xCo0.2AlxO2 (NCA) supplied by Panasonic to Tesla, which raises energy density by increasing the proportion of nickel to improve the performance. The other is represented by LG CHEM, which lowers the costs by reducing the proportion of cobalt. With the success of Tesla, high-nickel NMC materials are believed to have great potential, with the major global manufacturers now including SMM Group and TODA KOGYO. In terms of ESS market, the costs of lithium battery are too high and extremely less competitive, and the ESS is used only in the power supply for communication base stations.
Even if the electric vehicle market gradually expands, not all of the lithium battery suppliers will benefit from it. The first-tier manufacturers—LG CHEM, Panasonic and AESC have occupied more than 70% of market share. Samsung SDI and LEJ are among the second-tier manufacturers, of which Samsung SDI monopolies the supply of BMW and Volkswagen electric vehicle batteries, and is expected to be among the first-tier manufacturers in future.

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1 Overview of Lithium Battery Industry 
1.1 Lithium Battery Introduction 
1.2 Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process 
1.3 Global Lithium Battery Market Size 
1.4 Regional Pattern of Global Lithium Battery Industry 
1.5 China Lithium Battery Industry Overview 
1.5.1 Overview 
1.5.2 Exports 
1.6 Global Lithium Battery Industry Ranking 
1.7 Lithium Battery Industry Chain 
1.7.1 Cost Structure 
1.7.2 Industry Chain 

2 Lithium Battery Market 
2.1 Cylinder Lithium Battery Market  
2.2 Cylinder Lithium Battery Industry  
2.3 xEV Vehicle Market
2.4 U.S. xEV Market
2.5 Europe xEV Market
2.6 Japan xEV Market 
2.7 China xEV Market
2.8 xEV Battery Supply Chain 
2.9 xEV Battery Market Share
2.10 xEV Battery Developments
2.11 ESS Market 
2.12 Mobile Phone Market 
2.13 Laptop Computer Market 
2.14 Tablet PC Market 

3 Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Market and Industry 
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Market Trend
3.3 Technology Trends  
3.4 Shipments of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Companies in Japan 
3.5 Shipments of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Companies in South Korea 
3.6 Shipments of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Companies in Taiwan and Europe 
3.7 Shipments of Major Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Companies in Mainland China
3.8 China Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Industry Ranking

4 Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Companies
4.1 Umicore
4.2 Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd.
4.3 Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd. 
4.4 Hunan Reshine New Material Co., Ltd. 
4.5 Ningbo Jinhe New Materials Co., Ltd.
4.7 Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-stock Co., Ltd. 
4.8 Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd.
4.9 Shenzhen Tianjiao Technology Co., Ltd.  
4.10 NICHIA 
4.11 L&F 
4.12 Tanaka Chemical 
4.14 Tianjin STL Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 

5 Lithium Battery Companies
5.1 China BAK Battery, Inc. (CBAK)
5.2 BYD 
5.3 SCUD 
5.4 Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.  
5.5 ATL (TDK) 
5.6 Sony 
5.7 Samsung SDI 
5.8 LG Chem 
5.9 Simplo Technology 
5.10 Dynapack 
5.11 DESAY  
5.12 Sunwoda 
5.13 Panasonic 
Global Lithium Battery Shipments, 2005-2015E 
Global Lithium Battery Market Size, 2005-2015E 
Global Lithium Battery Market by Applications, 2009-2015E 
Global Lithium Battery Shipments by Shape, 2009-2015E 
Global Lithium Battery Market by Shape, 2009-2015E 
Geographical Breakdown of Global Lithium Battery Industry (by Value), 2005-2012 
China’s Battery Output by Type, 2012-2013 
China’s Battery Revenue by Type, 2012-2013 
Ranking of China’s Top 20 Lithium Battery Companies by Revenue, 2013 
Ranking of China’s Top 10 Power Lithium Battery Companies by Revenue, 2013 
Ranking of China’s Top 8 Lithium Battery Pack Companies by Revenue, 2013 
China’s Rechargeable Lithium Battery Export Volume and Value, 2007-2013   
Primary Lithium Battery Export Volume by Region, 2013 
Top 10 Primary Lithium Battery Export Countries/Regions, 2013 
Export Value of Top 10 Primary Lithium Battery Export Enterprises, 2013 
Lithium-ion Battery Export Volume by Region, 2013 
Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Export Countries/Regions, 2013 
Export Value of Top 10 Lithium-ion Battery Export Enterprises, 2013 
Shipments of Major Global Lithium Battery Companies, 2005-2012  
Revenue Ranking of Major Global Lithium Battery Companies, 2009-2012  
Cost Structure of LiCoO2 Lithium Battery 
Lithium Battery Industry Chain 
Global Downstream Demand for Cylinder Lithium Battery, 2012-2016E 
Global Demand for Cylinder Lithium Battery by Applications, 2012-2016E  
Average Price of Global Cylinder Lithium Battery, 2012-2016E 
Global Cylinder Lithium Battery Output by Region, 2012-2016E  
Output of Major Global Cylinder Lithium Battery Companies, 2012-2013 
Revenue of Major Global Cylinder Lithium Battery Companies, 2012-2013 
Shipments of xEV Vehicle Market, 2011-2019E  
Global xEV Shipments by Region, 2014 VS 2019E 
EV and PHEV Shipments in Main Regions, 2013   
Shipments of Major Global xEV Manufacturers, 2013  
U.S. xEV Sales Volume by Model, 2013  
U.S. xEV Shipment Ranking, 2013-2014H1 
Europe xEV Market Share by Model, 2013 
Europe xEV Shipment Ranking, 2013 
Japan xEV Market Share by Model, 2013 
Japan xEV Shipment Ranking, 2013 
China xEV Market Share by Manufacturer, 2013 
Supply Relations between xEV Manufacturers and xEV Battery Companies  
Market Share of xEV Battery Companies, 2013  
Capacity Utilization of xEV Battery Companies, 2013 
Market Share of xEV Battery Companies (by Revenue), 2013-2014   
ESS Market Size, 2011 VS 2020E   
Market Value of Global Grid-Scale Energy Storage System, 2012-2020E  
Market Value of Global Application for Grid-Scale Energy Storage, 2012-2020E  
Market Value of Asia Application for Grid-Scale Energy Storage, 2012-2020E  
Global Mobile Phone Shipments, 2007-2015E  
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor, 2013 
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System, 2013 
Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to End Users by Vendor, 2013 
Laptop Computer Shipments, 2008-2015E  
Shipments of Major Global Laptop ODMs, 2010-2013 
Global Tablet PC Shipments, 2011-2016E 
Market Share of Main Tablet PC Brands, 2013 
Output of Global Tablet PC Companies, 2012-2013 
Technical Comparison of Main Cathode Materials 
Price Trends in Various Lithium Battery Cathode Materials, 2012-2020E   
Global Lithium Battery Cathode Material Market Size, 2012-2016E 
Global Lithium Battery Cathode Material Shipments by Technology, 2009-2015E  
Global Lithium Battery Cathode Material Sales by Technology, 2012-2015E  
ESS Requirements for Battery 
Japan’s Lithium Battery Cathode Material Shipments and Sales, 2012-2015E 
Shipments of Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers in Japan, 2012-2013 
Shipments of Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers in South Korea, 2012-2013 
Shipments of Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers in Taiwan and Europe, 2012-2013 
Revenue Ranking of Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers in China, 2013  
Revenue Ranking of Lithium Battery Cathode Material Manufacturers in China, 2010-2011   
Name List of Lithium Iron Phosphate Suppliers in China, 2010   
Organization Structure of Umicore 
Revenue and EBIT Margin of Umicore, 2005-2014      
Energy Material Revenue and EBIT of Umicore, 2008-2014        
Battery Material Base of Umicore
Organization Structure of Umicore Greater China
Distribution of Umicore in China
Revenue Breakdown of Umicore Greater China by Product
Revenue and Operating Income of Shanshan Corporation, 2007-2014    
Revenue Breakdown of Shanshan Corporation by Product, 2007-2013
Organization Structure of Beijing Easpring Material Technology
Revenue and Operating Margin of Beijing Easpring Material Technology, 2007-2014   
Revenue Breakdown of Beijing Easpring Material Technology by Customer, 2011
Organization Structure of Hunan Reshine New Material 
Revenue and Operating Income of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology, 2007-2014     
Financial Data of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology by the end of 2013Q3  
Top 5 Customers of Tianjin B&M Science and Technology, 2009 
Organization Structure of Pulead Technology Industry    
Revenue and Operating Margin of NICHIA, 2003-2014        
Output of NICHIA 2012-2013 
Revenue and Operating Income of L&F, 2006-2014 
Output Breakdown of L&F by Technology, 2012-2013 
Revenue and Operating Income of Tanaka Chemical, FY2006-FY2015E   
Balance Sheet of Tanaka Chemical, FY2009-FY2014 
Revenue Breakdown of Tanaka Chemical by Business, FY2011-FY2014 
Product Shipments of Tanaka Chemical, FY2009-FY2014 
Sales/Operating Income/Net Income of TODA KOGYO, FY2010-FY2014
Assets and Liabilities of TODA KOGYO, FY2010-FY2014    
Organization Structure of CBAK  
Development History of CBAK 
Revenue and Operating Margin of CBAK, FY2003-FY2014    
Revenue Breakdown of CBAK by Product, FY2004-FY2013 
Revenue Breakdown of CBAK by Region, FY2004-FY2013 
Major Customers of CBAK 
Raw Material Suppliers of CBAK
Revenue and Gross Margin of BYD Battery, 2007-2013  
Revenue Breakdown of BYD Battery by Product, 2003-2015E 
Gross Margin and Capacity Utilization of BYD Rechargeable Battery, 2008-2015E
Gross Margin of BYD Battery, 2008-2015E
Average Selling Price of BYD Battery, 2006-2010 
Shipments of BYD Battery, 2006-2011 
Capacity, Output, Sales Volume and ASP of BYD Battery, 2008-2010
Revenue and EBIT Margin of SCUD, 2003-2014  
Assets and Liabilities of SCUD, 2009-2013     
Sales Volume of SCUD Battery, 2005-2010 
Revenue Breakdown of SCUD by Product, 2011-2013
Shipment Breakdown of SCUD by Product, 2012-2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of Lishen, 2004-2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung SDI, 2008-2014 
Gross Margin and Operating Margin of Samsung SDI, 2013Q1-2014Q1
Revenue and Shipments of Samsung SDI Battery, 2007-2014
Revenue and ASP of Samsung SDI Battery, 2007-2014 
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung SDI Battery, 2010-2014   
Revenue Breakdown of Samsung SDI by Product, 2011-2014 
Revenue Breakdown of Samsung SDI by Region, 2012-2013 
Revenue Breakdown of Samsung SDI by Product, 2017E
Revenue of Tianjin Samsung SDI, 2010-2013
Financial Data of Tianjin Samsung SDI, 2013 
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG Chem, 2007-2014  
Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of LG Chem, Q/2012-Q1/2014  
Revenue and Operating Margin of Energy Solution of LG Chem, 2010-2014
CAPEX of Energy Solution of LG Chem, 2010-2014
Revenue and Gross Margin of Simplo Technology, 2000-2014  
Monthly Revenue of Simplo Technology, 6/2012-6/2014 
Shipments and ASP of Simplo Technology, 2004-2013
Laptop Computer Battery Market Share of Simplo Technology, 2004-2013 
Financial Data of Simplo Technology’s Subsidiaries in China, 2013
Revenue and Gross Margin of Dynapack, 2005-2014  
Monthly Revenue of Dynapack, 6/2012-6/2014
Revenue and Operating Margin of DESAY, 2008-2014   
Assets and Liabilities of DESAY, 2009-2013    
Revenue and Operating Margin of Sunwoda, 2008-2014    
Assets and Liabilities of Sunwoda, 2008-2013
Revenue Breakdown of Sunwoda by Applications, 2013
Gross Profit Breakdown of Sunwoda by Applications, 2013

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