Companies Announce Shareholders' Equity Cuts


September 2 -- Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group (600141) reported yesterday that its second-largest shareholder, Xingshan Hydropower, sold four million shares of Xingfa Chemicals, equivalent to a 1.09 percent stake, between January 5 and August 31, reports the Beijing Times.

Xingshan Hydropower now holds 23.5 million shares of Xingfa Chemicals, equivalent to 6.42 percent of total capital.

Guizhou Guochuang Energy Holding Group (600145) also reported that its largest shareholder, Shenzhen Yifengyuan Industry, sold 8.45 million shares of Guochuang on August 30 and 31 through the Shanghai Stock Exchange, equivalent to 2.24 percent stakes.

Shenzhen Yifengyuan Industry remains holder of 38.802 million shares of Guochuang, accounting for 10.27 percent of total capital.


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