AISINOCO. LTD : Secretary of the Party Committee of Wujin District, Changzhou, Zhou Bin Visits Aisino


On Aug. 30, 2011, Zhou Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chen Hu, Deputy District Chief and other leaders of Wujin District, Changzhou visited Aisino for survey and communication. Liu Zhennan, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Aisino Corporation (Aisino), Gong Baoguo, Deputy General Manager and relevant section leaders gave a warm reception to the visitors. This was the first time that relevant leaders of Changzhou City came to Aisino for survey and communication after Aisino signed “Intelligent Jiaze” Informatization Frame Cooperation Agreement with Wujin District People’s Government of Changzhou this year.

After the visitors visited the Honor & Development History Hall, Company Products Display Hall and Golden Card Exhibition Hall of Aisino, two sides had a talk and exchange around the topic of building digital city “Intelligent Wujin” in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Liu Zhennan expressed warm welcome to the investors and heartfelt thanks to the trust from Wujin District People’s Government. He said that Aisino will fully integrate the technical forces of Digital Technology Research Institute, Software Company, Huadi Company, Golden Card Company and other departments and subsidiaries, rely on the building experience of Aisino in the E-government field and fully exert the core advantages of Aisino to actively help the informationization construction of “Intelligent Wujin”. Aisino will take lead in solving “Information Islet” problem relying on platform and module technical means to realize the integration of kinds of governmental information and strive to build “Intelligent Wujin” into a nationwide sample project.

After listening to the introduction by Li Xiaoqiang, Head of Aisino’s Corporate Development Department on the development history and businesses, Zhou said that the travel to Aisino gave them a deep inspiration. The advantages of Aisino in national informationization, Internet of Things, Information Safety and other aspects make Wujin District People’s Government more confident for the cooperation with Aisino. The “wisdom” support from a “National Team” like Asino is necessary for Wujin District of Changzhou to take lead in forging “Intelligent Wujin”, “Low-Carbon Wujin” and “Happy Wujin” nationwide. Zhou warmly invited Aisino’s staff to have an investigation in Wujin District and establish new software R&D base in the district.

Through the talk, two sided enhanced mutual understanding, laying a foundation for the future in-depth cooperation. The two sides agreed to start “Intelligent Wujin” informationization construction project in Jiaze Town, Wujin District, Changzhou as the starting point of their cooperation. Relying on the rich experience and comprehensive strength in E-government, Aisino will spare no effort in forging “Intelligent Wujin” and help Wujin District Government to enhance government informationization level.


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