PetroChina to slash gasoline exports in Sep


Sep 02,2011
PetroChina will export only five MR-sized cargoes of gasoline in September, down from nine such cargoes in August, said a trading source close to Chinaoil.

PetroChina's gasoline exports for September are mainly restricted by limited export quota for the third quarter, after the company used a large share of the quota in July and August, said a source with Chinaoil. Smaller exports have little to do with Sinopec’s supply shortage and outsourcing, the source explained.

In August, one gasoline cargo from PetroChina Qinzhou refinery was previously scheduled for exports but was bought by Sinopec later on, which was because of tight supply in South China at that time, the source added.

PetroChina's gasoline for exports is mainly from some northern China-based refineries, which produce gasoline with low octane value.

Qinzhou refinery will not supply any gasoline for exports in September, C1 learned.

PetroChina's gasoline exports in January-July 2011 added up to about 2-mil mt and accounted for 74.3% of the country’s gasoline exports in the period, according to the data from the General Administration of Customs.

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