Guangdong Haid Group Co.,Limited(002311.SZ)
Registered Capital:
582.40(RMB MLN)

Introduction from Google Finance
Guangdong Haid Group Co., Limited is principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of feedstuffs. The Company primarily provides pig feedstuffs, poultry feedstuffs and aquatic feedstuffs, among others. During the year ended December 31, 2010, the Company sold out approximately 1.06 million tons of aquatic prepared feedstuffs and 1.32 million tons of livestock and poultry feedstuffs. The Company also involves in the manufacture of feedstuff machinery, the distribution of micro-ecological preparations, raw materials trading and the distribution of agricultural products. The Company distributes its products primarily in domestic market.
Introduction from Company WebSite

Guangdong Haid Group Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech listed corporation focused on R&D, production and sale of aquatic feed, livestock and poultry feed and premix of aquatic feed as well as healthy culture, with “Promote agriculture by applying scientific and technological advances to change rural status” as sacred mission as well as aquatic premix, aquatic feeds and livestock and poultry feeds as the main products to provide the technical services of the whole process of breeding for lots of raisers. Haid Group has achieved the production and sales in the major aquaculture areas of China, owns about 40 subsidiaries and 6 pilot test bases all over China and is ranked among the top 30 of the industry in 2005 and the top 10 in 2007.

Haid Group started business from the coast of the South China Sea in 1998, and became the national No. one producer of aquatic premix during the sequent four years by virtue of technical advantages; it entered the aquatic feed industry in 2001 and grew rapidly to be the No. 2 of the industry; it began producing prawn feed in 2003 and is now ranked top three in the business; it went into the inflated feed field in 2004 and is ranked first currently. Our chicken feed has grown to be No. one now after three years’ efforts, and our duck feed comes the second in Guangdong market.

For years, Haid has successively won the awards of “China Top Brand”, “Guangdong Famous Trademark”, “famous-brand Product in Guangdong Province”, etc, and been identified as “National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization”, “Branch Center of R & D Specialty of National Agricultural Product Processing Technology”, “New Hi-tech Enterprise”, etc. The corporation is adequately financed with AAA bank credit rating. The Group actively promotes green healthy culture. And all our subsidiaries have passed the ISO 9000 certification and HACCP certification.

Innovation is the vitality and source of development of Haid. The growth and transformation come from the power of continuous innovation. Innovation equips the corporation with the leading-edge technology, with the full breeding service capability that is rare in the market, with the profit model that is difficult to duplicate and with capability of creating excess value, which brings the return much higher than the industry level to the clients, staffs and corporation and lays the foundation for the sustainable and rapid development of the corporation.

Technology leadership is the key driving force for the long-term rapid development of Haid Group.

With the strong professional technical and R & D team, Haid Group has established the efficient secondary R & D system with continuing increasement of R & D investment and formed the comprehensive R & D team and system on animal nutrition and feed, biotechnology, micro-organisms, bio-chemicals, animal breeding, disease control, breeding technique, etc. Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Research Center owned by Haid Group has many professional R & D personnel, including 20 Doctors, over 80 Masters and more than 200 professional R & D personnel with undergraduate diploma or above, and can complete more than 200 experiments every year. It has been entitled as the “Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center”, the “Engineering Center”, the “Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center”, the “Sub-station of Postdoctoral Workstation”, etc.

The aquatic feed technology of the corporation is leading both at home and abroad, and its animal and poultry feed technology keeps pace with the leading domestic level. The corporation owns a number of core technologies and lots of technological achievements in the fields of additive, premix and compound feed, substitution feed, etc., and forms the mature system of in-use technology, reserving technology and pre-researching technology, which ensure the continuous advantages. The corporation is leading domestically in the breeding of aquatic quality seed and microbioecologics development and at the quick starting stage in the industrialization, which endows the corporation with a stronger growth potential.

Aquiculture is an industry highly relying on technology, which a lot of raisers are lack of. Haid Group deeply concerns such core demands, positions itself as the service-oriented enterprise, and makes efforts on the research of cultural technique and cultural model and creates the comprehensive breeding service system. About 1000 professional service staffs of the corporation proceed through all links of the whole breeding process to provide comprehensive service for the raisers in terms of seeds, breeding structural design, breeding technical guidance, environment control, disease prevention and treatment, market information, management techniques, etc., to ensure the maximization of raisers’ benefit. The success and development of raisers create the miracle of fast growth of the corporation. The capacity of continuous innovation in service also becomes the most important driving force for sustainable and healthy development of the corporation.

The corporation has established the innovative management model of “professional center plus subsidiaries”. The professional center mainly offers professional services, while the subsidiaries are focused on market development and establishment of the service system, so that the group resources are concentrated towards the market. The corporation has set up the standardization process and unified system in the fields of technology, procurement, production and sales, which have mature replication.

The outstanding performance of Haid stems from the clearly strategic layout expansion, the rapidly rising market share and the continuous optimization of product structure. In recent years, the compound growth rate of the company's main business revenue and net profit has exceeded 60%, the net profit rate is much higher than the industry average, and the company’s profitability and growth capacity are significantly ahead of excellent enterprises in the industry. Haid Group has become the true enterprise with the fastest development, the best technology and the strongest service capability in China’s feed industry.

On November 27th, 2009, Haid Group’s A shares were successfully listed, which was an important milestone of the group’s development. And the corporation will surely have a broader development space by virtue of the capital market platform.

The sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold! The success of Haid is inseparable from the founder, the present president—Mr. Xue Hua, who clearly understands the industry development, makes overarching strategy, and is filled with utter innocence of making contribution for China’s agricultural development. He has organized a business management team with youth and passion, unified belief, diligence and great expertise, which writes the brilliant chapter for the enterprise development with wisdom, perseverance and passion. Haid will become China’s leading and world-class hi-tech agricultural enterprise with sustainable development capacity.

The main products of the corporation include Hinter aquatic premix and concentrates, Haid, Hailong, Dachuan, Haibei, Fengguang and Rongchuan fish feeds, prawn feeds, animal and poultry feeds, Hailian fishery medicine as well as fish fry and shrimp fry.

Group Headquarters Address: No. 213, Innovation Mansion, Tian An Science and Technology Park, 555 Panyu Avenue North, Panyu Dist, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.


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