BYD focused on new-energy vehicles, VP says

Date:2011-10-20     Source:yangshujiequlina  Text Size: (Shanghai October 19) - Despite the numerous risks and challenges associated with the new energy vehicle market, BYD is committed to its current market strategy. The Beijing Youth Daily quoted BYD Vice President Lian Yubo's annoucement on the floor of this year's Global Automotive Forum that his company was focusing on development in three forms of energy-saving for automobiles: solar energy, stored energy and electric.

"After years of development, BYD's pure electric vehicles [meet] definite market requirements," Mr. Lian (pictured above) boasted. He added that BYD's competitive advantage lies in its battery production, with the company boasting coverage of 33 percent of the world's cell phone batteries. "Using this advantage, electric vehicles will be [the focus] of our long-term development strategy… new energy vehicles are an important [part] of BYD's automobile business," Mr. Lian said.

Transit vehicles are an important fixture in BYD's automobile development plan. To this end, BYD has prepared two vehicles: the E6 (pictured below), a crossover suited for use as a taxi, and the K9 bus. Currently in Shenzhen, 350 E6s and 250 K9s are being used for public transit. Meanwhile, the consumer version of the E6 will soon be unveiled to the market.

In order to help the manufacturer fulfill its goals, BYD has partnerships with several parts suppliers from both in and out of China, including German auto parts giant Bosch. "We already have a through R&D and accessories system, [as well] as possess requirements for large-scale production," Mr. Lian stated. "Electric vehicles are without a doubt our direction of development."

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