Next-generation BYD F3 to debut next year

Date:2011-11-10     Source:yangshujiequlina  Text Size: (Shanghai November 10) - Despite BYD's focus on electric vehicles, the manufacturer has not entirely forgotten about traditional fuel-based models. According to information from BYD's headquarters, the second generation F3 will make its debut in Beijing next April, the Beijing Times reported. It will be released alongside a brand new dual mode hybrid F3DM.

The new F3 and F3DM will be outfitted with 1.2 L turbocharged engines from BYD's "Ti" line of motors, mated to a DCT transmission system. The setup, which is entirely independently developed, will reportedly be standard for BYD cars in the future. "The entirety of the new generation F3 will be an example of BYD's own technology," Zhang Jintao, head of the department responsible for motor and drive train technology, said.

BYD has invested nearly two billion yuan ($316.16m) in the Ti engine series. The Ti engines' valves, camshafts, crank shafts and other parts are entirely developed in-house. According to Mr. Zhang, the new engines, which will come in 1.5 L, 1.8 L and 2.0 L sizes, will also be used for the new F6, S6 and G6. However, the F0 compact will not be among the vehicles equipped with a Ti motor. "Consumers are still very sensitive about price," Mr. Zhang answered when asked why.


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