BYD official comments on new energy vehicles in China

Date:2011-11-01     Source:yangshujiequlina  Text Size: (Shanghai October 31) - With the debut of its E6 sedan, the manufacturer has its sights set on gaining the advantage in the new energy vehicle market. However, the up to 60,000 yuan ($9,485.42) subsidy the government put out a year and a half ago has not seemed to done much in promoting growth in the segment, with almost no EV sales registered in that time period. This has led many to question whether or not such a policy was premature and just how much it can do to help develop the new energy and EV industries in China.

In response to allegations regarding the viability of its new EV models, Lian Yubo (pictured), head of technology for BYD, said that "debating is pointless; the key lies in the products themselves." Commenting on the government subsidies, Mr. Lian said that the reason there was little reaction in the market is that "they are no good products yet." According to him, once manufacturers produce a few competitive vehicles, the business model will naturally take shape and develop the segment.

In an interview with, Mr. Lian said that the popularization of new energy vehicles depends on three factors, the manufacturers, government and society as a whole. However, the prime responsibility now, Mr. Lian says, lies in manufacturers to research and develop the key technologies needed, as both government and society are already far ahead in terms of having developed the necessary infrastructure.

BYD, Mr. Lian asserts, already possesses the vehicle battery technology needed. The manufacturer's 1.5 billion yuan ($237.14m) battery production site in Huizhou, Guangdong has already begun production, and there will be similar sites in the future. BYD Chairman and CEO Wang Chuanfu previously stated that his company's new energy vehicle business would start producing a profit within three years.

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