BYD's new pure electric E6 makes market debut in Shenzhen

Date:2011-10-27     Source:yangshujiequlina  Text Size: (Shanghai October 26) - Following on the heels of the F3DM hybrid's introduction, BYD's new E6 pure electric car has made its official debut in Shenzhen, Today Morning Express reported today. This date is helping usher Shenzhen into the age of pure electric vehicles.

According to the press conference held by BYD for the new car yesterday, the E6 (pictured), created in association with Daimler, was especially created with Shenzhen drivers in mind. According to the manufacturer's Vice President Lian Yubo, the BYD E6 possesses several examples of world-class technology, including intelligent keyless entry, voice recognition navigation system, on-board digital television, rear-view reverse camera and other accessories.

BYD will make special use of cloud computing systems in its new vehicles. Owners of the E6 will be able to use Apple or Android cell phones to unlock and lock the car, control air conditioning, observe information regarding the car's current distance and location, call customer service and administer remote control of the system.

In the following year, BYD will be continuing to further develop its partnership with Mercedes-Benz to introduce several new high-technology electric models.

The zero-emission E6 will be equipped with an iron battery outputting a maximum of 90 kW. The E6 boasts a maximum speed of over 140 km per hour. According to factory specifications, it can be driven for up to 300 km with air conditioning switched off.

Compared with traditional fuel-powered cars, the E6's efficiency is astounding. The E6 consumes 19.5 kilowatt hours for every 100 km driven, roughly equivalent to a quarter of the energy used for the average fuel-powered car. In one year the E6 can cut carbon dioxide emissions by 2.8 tons.

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