Shanghai Sinyang enters semiconductor wafer manufacturing successfully


Starting from terminal pin surface treatment chemical business, Shanghai Sinyang has gradually mastered the manufacturing of wafer copper electroplating chemicals as well as automatic electroplating production line, wafer cleaning equipment, and successfully expanded from the water packaging business to the wafer manufacturing business.

Sinyang’s new products, terminal pin surface treatment electronic chemicals comply with semiconductor encapsulation technology, have realized mass production. It will constantly replace imported products. Currently, it occupies 10% market shares in China. It is expected that its growth rate will maintain over 20% in the next few years. 

Wafer copper interconnect electroplate liquid has been self-authenticated by SMIC, and is waiting for the authentication of SMIC’s crucial clients. Compared to its foreign counterparts, products of Sinyang have cost advantage, with 30% lowered price; besides, Sinyang has advantages in local services and quick response. Once Sinyang enters into the SMIC supply chain successfully, it will set an example for other domestic FAB enterprises, such as Songjiang TSMC and HeJian Technology (Suzhou).

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