Goworld: Revenue contribution of capacitive touch panel will reach 20% in 2012


Goworld is the first local enterprise to engage in the research and development of touch panel technology and it has more than four years of technology accumulation. At present, among all Chinese enterprises, only Goword and Truly have the integrated production capacity of capacitive touch panel covering from touch sensor to module.

Backed up by its capacitive touch panel products with high performance-cost ratio, Goworld is one of the main suppliers of ZTE, and is also the supplier of Lenovo and Sony Ericsson. Goworld will benefit from the explosive market demand of low and medium-end smart phone.

In July 2011, Goworld successfully completed technological transformation towards integrated touch panel of which monthly capacity reached 500,000 units (to take 3.5 inches as the standard, data below follows the same standard), wherein all the touch sensors were self-sufficient. It will finish technological transformation project of capacitive touch panel recently and reach monthly capacity of 1 million units. It is expected that the capacitive touch panel project will contribute revenue of RMB146 million to the company in 2011H2, with enhanced revenue proportion of 8%.

Goworld will further expand the capacity of touch panel back end process of 1 million units in 2012, by then the total touch panel monthly capacity will register 2 million units. Gross margin of integrated capacitive touch panel is obviously higher than that of other business of Goworld. Revenue contribution of capacitive touch panel is expected to hit 20% in 2012.  

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