China Regrets WTO Ruling on Raw Material Exports


CHINA regrets that the World Trade Organization upheld its ruling against China in a raw material export case, the Ministry of Commerce said today.

China welcomes the WTO's support for China's appeal on some issues in the case and appreciates its correction of some faulty judgments. But at the same time, China is regretful that the ruling has been upheld, the ministry said in a statement on its website.

"The WTO should not only uphold free trade, but also allow member countries to take necessary steps to protect the environment and natural resources," the ministry said. "China will carefully evaluate the WTO's ruling and continue to enhance scientific administration of resource products based on WTO rules to achieve sustainable development."

In 2009, the United States, the European Union and Mexico filed a complaint to the WTO, claiming China's export restrictions on nine raw materials including zinc, coke and magnesium violated the WTO rules by inflating global prices and giving an unfair advantage to the country's domestic producers.

Last July, the WTO decided China's export quota broke the rules of free trade. China filed a complaint two months later, asking to cancel part of the ruling.

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