Luxury Car Competes for Sales Mode, Second Camp Speeding Channel Organization


Facing the huge market of China, no automobile company will let it walk away. They optimize structure actively. At present, Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover announces with Jaguar- Land Rover, both sides will found a new sales and marketing service organization for China made and imported automobile sales. Analyst points out, the joint organization, IMSS, is rarely to see in China. The function of the institution is to manage market channel after China made. Function is almost the same with its former brands did, which will sweep out development resistance by inside structure creation.

On May 9, Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover and Jaguar- Land Rover announce that both of them found a new joint marketing and service institution-- IMSS to organize sales of China made and imported cars.

As it known, the institution will be founded by marketing and after sales department of Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover and marketing and after sales service department of Jaguar- Land Rover China. IMSS will in charge of marketing and service of Jaguar, Land Rover and Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover, which is expected to push marketing, sales and after sales service efficiency operated in China.

According to structure of IMSS, president of the institution will be taken by executive vice president of Jaguar- Land Rover China, LU Yi, who is appointed by Bob, president of Jaguar- Land Rover Great China, LU Yi BAI Run, president of Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover and ZHU Guohua, executive vice president of Jaguar- Land Rover. In the future, LU Yi shall report to Bob, BAI Run and ZHU Guohua directly. IMSS includes key five functions, such as sales operation, after sales service, Jaguar brand, Land Rover brand and Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover joint venture brand.

Meanwhile, LU Yi is appointed as executive vice president of marketing and sales department of Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover. LU Yi will cooperate with HU Jun who is the executive vice president of market sales and service of Chery- Jaguar- Land Rover.


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