Internet Connected Vehicles Debuted on the Auto Show in China

Internet Connected Vehicles launched by automakers in China debuted on the 13th China Changchun International Automobile Expo.
Roewe Urban SUV, a mode of Internet Connected Vehicle developed by SAIC, one of leading automakers in China, and Alibaba, which is an Internet giant in this country, also debuted on the auto show, attracting attention from people. It is reportedly the first mode of Internet Connected Vehicle that has been put into mass production and brought to the market recently.
Roewe Urban SUV has been equipped with YunOS vehicle-mounted system, allowing for sound control by drivers, according to exhibitors.
Sales of vehicles were 24.5 million units in the Chinese market in 2015, leading to a total of 279 million units. The increasing number of vehicles all around the world has caused problems including traffic jam, leading to threat to sustainability of the automotive industry.
Development of Internet Connected Vehicles may ensure sustainability of the industry of automobiles in many countries, according to Chinese governors, resulting in investment by automakers.
Cooperation between automakers and Internet giants in China may encourage further development of Internet Connected vehicles. Besides, China’s government may lay out policies to encourage the development of Internet Connected vehicles.


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