Global and China LED Industry Report, 2011-2012
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It is in the report that covers the followings:
20120114.gif The recent development and future trend of LED market
20120114.gif LED industry ranking
20120114.gif LED industry in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan
20120114.gif Status quo and trend of LED upstream MOCVD and sapphire substrate industry
20120114.gif The world’s 37 major LED manufacturers

The year 2010 was the springtime for LED industry, but 2011 was the wintertime. For most manufacturers, the cold winter may last until 2013 or 2014. Since 2009, the notebook computer, monitor and TV have started to adopt LED backlight unit (BLU) to replace old CCFL BLU. In 2010, the market grew by leaps and bounds and many enterprises saw their annual revenue soar more than 100%, which staged a tidal wave of capacity expansions among LED manufacturers and attracted a large number of Chinese enterprises to tap into LED area. All this resulted in the falling price of LED. In particular, the front-end Epitaxy suffered a steep drop in price. And the back-end packaging companies also showed a mild downturn in revenue, but a larger decline in profit.

The global LED industry is concentrated in four regions. The first region is Europe-America which takes general lighting as the main development direction and attaches great importance to high reliability and high brightness of the products. The major players include Cree, Philips Lumileds and OSRAM Opto Semiconductor, of which Cree occupies the leading position in the general lighting market by virtue of its SiC substrate technology with superior performance. 

The second is Japan which boasts the most comprehensive technologies both in general light and backlit display. The representative companies are Nichia Corporation and Toyoda Gosei and they engage in the development of LED in such sectors as general lighting, automobiles, mobile phones and televisions.

The third includes South Korea and Taiwan which specialize in notebook display BLU, LED-Monitor BLU, LED-TV BLU and mobile phone BLU, featuring large shipment, low unit price and low gross profit.

The last one is Chinese Mainland which focuses on outdoor display, advertising screen and signal light market. The applications pose low requirements on the product technologies and appear in the form of project, with the customers scattered.

The reasons why the manufacturers in Chinese Mainland can only produce the red, yellow and green LED with the minimum technical content are as follows. Firstly, there is a shortage of LED talents. Nearly all the manufacturers in Chinese mainland grab talents from Taiwanese companies with higher salaries. Secondly, the patents for blue LED and WLED are mostly controlled by Japanese, European and American manufacturers. Particularly, Nichia secures the most patents and often pursues patent lawsuits. The third is the authority for procurement. Although the Chinese Mainland is the world’s largest producer of laptop computer, monitor and LED-TV, the procurement authority for 99% of these LED backlight products belongs to the manufacturers from Taiwan and South Korea. The manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea will select LED suppliers in Taiwan and South Korea with respect to the management of supply chain.

The LED price declined substantially in 2011. On the one hand, the capacity expansion of manufacturers led to the market oversupply. On the other hand, the shrinking shipment of LED-TV in Q2 2011 and the adoption of LED chip with higher brightness reduced LED consumption. The enterprises in Taiwan and South Korea were hardest hit by the declining price.

Since 2009, the LED industry in Chinese Mainland has witnessed a wave of investments which continued to the end of 2011. The number of LED chip projects initiated between 2009 and 2010 amounted to 46, 16 of which have not gone into operation, 10 of which have been cancelled or seen no progress, and only 20 projects have been put into production. The original 46 projects plan to buy 1,220 MOCVDs, now only 436 MOCVDs are purchased.

Though there are a number of LED enterprises in Chinese Mainland, they do not pose any pressure on foreign companies for the time being. China’s largest LED enterprise, Sanan Optoelectronics derived USD180 million from LED chips in 2011, ranking No. 19 worldwide.

However, the LED lighting which the LED manufacturers are optimistic about is by no means promising as expected. There is large disparity between the price of LED and CFL. Except in Japan, even the price of lowest-priced LED bulb is about 5 times higher than that of CFL. In most regions, the sales of INCAN will be halted from 2012 to the end of 2015, but the CFL will be applied until 2020 at least. CFL, other than INCAN, is the rival of LED. LED is expected to be widely applied as early as in 2015 when the price difference between CFL and LED narrows within twice.

Japan has the largest LED lighting market. Taking LED bulbs for example, the global sales volume reached 41 million units in 2011, of which the sales volume in Japan accounted for 62%, and Europe made up 16%. Fueled by the boom of Japanese market, Nichia continues to widen the gap with its rivals and its revenue from LED chips is estimated to surpass USD3 billion. Dragged by the European economy, Lumileds and OSRAM Opto Semiconductor present weak performance. Moreover, they still lag far behind Cree, Nichia and Toyoda Gosei in technology level.

Top 27 LED Companies by Revenue, 2010-2012 (Unit: Million USD)
1. LED Market
1.1 Market Size
1.2 Current Price and Trend of LED
1.3 Medium and Small-sized Backlit LED 
1.4 LED-TV
1.4.1 Market Size
1.4.2 Major Manufacturers and Market Share
1.5 LED-backlit LCD
1.6 LED Automotive Lighting
1.6.1 LED Automotive Lighting Market
1.6.2 Chinese Automotive Lighting Industry
1.7 LED-backlit Laptop Computer Market
1.8 Outdoor Billboard Market
1.8.1 Global Market
1.8.2 Chinese Market
1.9 LED Lighting Market
1.10 Chinese LED Lamp Market

2. LED Industry
2.1 Regional Distribution
2.2 Ranking of Global Top 27 LED Companies by Revenue, 2010-2012 
2.3 LED Industry in Taiwan
2.3.1 Industrial Pattern
2.3.2 Ranking of LED Epitaxy Manufacturers in Taiwan, 2010
2.3.3 Ranking of LED Packaging Companies in Taiwan
2.4 LED Industry in Chinese Mainland

3. LED Upstream Industry
3.1 LED Front-end Equipment Market
3.2 Overview of Sapphire Substrate Industry
3.3 Price Trend of Sapphire Substrate
3.4 Sapphire Substrate Market
3.5 Rubicon
3.6 ACME Electronics
3.7 Tera Xtal Technology Corporation
3.8 Crystalwise Technology
3.10 VEECO

4. LED Manufacturers in Taiwan
4.1 Everlight
4.2 Epistar
4.3 Genesis Photonics
4.4 Arima Optoelectronics
4.5 Formosa Epitaxy
4.6 Lite-On Technology
4.7 Bright LED
4.8 Optotech
4.9 Harvatek
4.10 Tekcore
4.11 Unity Opto
4.12 Huga Optotech
4.13 Lextar Electronics
4.15 Edison Opto

5. LED Manufacturers in Chinese Mainland
5.1 Epilight Technology
5.2 Hunan HuaLei Optoelectronic
5.3 Hangzhou Silan Azure
5.4 Sanan Optoelectronics
5.5 Lianchuang Optoelectronics
5.6 Shandong Inspur Huaguang Optoelectonics
5.7 Nationstar
5.8 Shanghai Rainbow Optoelectronics Material
5.9 Dalian Lumei Optoelectronics
5.10 Xiamen Changelight
5.11 Elec-Tech International
5.12 Neo-Neon
5.13 HC SemiTek

6. Foreign LED Manufacturers
6.2 Toyoda Gosei
6.3 Nichia
6.4 OSRAM Opto Semiconductor
6.5 Lumileds (Philips)
6.6 Seoul Semiconductor
6.8 Samsung LED
6.9 Lumens
Global LED Market Size, 2008-2013E
LED Market Size by Application, 2008-2012
LED Price List, Q2 2012
LED Price Trend, Q22010-Q2 2012 
Market Share of Global Small and Medium-sized Panel Manufacturers by Revenue, 2010
Market Share of Global Small and Medium-sized Panel Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010
LED-TV Industry Chain of Samsung and LG
Penetration Rate of Global LED-TV, 2009-2015E
Proportion of LED-TV, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
Market Share of Major LED-backlit LCD-TV Panel Manufacturers, 2010
Market Share of Global Flat-panel TV Manufacturers, 2010
Market Share of Manufacturers of LED Packaging for LED TVs, 2010
Distribution of Manufacturers by Quantity of LED Display Models Launched, 2010
Distribution of LED Displays by Size, 2010
LCD Market Size and % of LED, 2008-2012
Cost and Illumination Trend of Five Automotive Light Sources, 2007-2014E
Market Size of LED Automotive Lighting, 2008-2015E
Market Share of Major Passenger Car Lighting Manufacturers in China, 2008-2010 
Top 15 Automotive Light Manufacturers in China by Sales, 2009
Penetration Rate of Global Notebook LED Backlight, 2007-2013E 
Market Share of Global Laptop Computer Panel Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010
Market Share of Global Laptop Computer Backlight Module Manufacturers by Shipment, 2010
Supply Relationship between Laptop Computer Panel Manufacturers and Backlight Module Manufacturers
Outdoor LED Billboard Market Worldwide, 2007-2012
Market Share of Outdoor Electronic Screen Ads Manufacturers, 2009
Outdoor LED Billboard Market in China
Market Size of LED General Lighting, 2008-2014
Demand for CFL, 2006-2011
LED Bulb Shipment Forecast in the World, 2009-2014E
Shipment of Global LED Bulb by Region, 2010-2011
LED Lighting by Application, 2011
LED Lighting by Application, 2013
LED Industry Output Value by Region, 2010-2012
Ranking of Global Top 27 LED Companies by Revenue, 2010-2012
Shipment of LED Epitaxy in Taiwan by Color, 2009-2011
LED Packaging Shipment in Taiwan by Technology, 2009
LED Packaging Shipment in Taiwan by Technology, 2011 
Relation Diagram of LED Enterprises in Taiwan
LED Industry Scale in Taiwan, 2009-2014E 
Revenue and Growth Rate of Epitaxy Industry in Taiwan, 2009-2014E
Quarterly Revenue and Growth Rate of Epitaxy Industry in Taiwan, Q4 2010-Q2 2012
Revenue and Growth Rate of LED Packaging and Module Industry in Taiwan, 2009-2014
Revenue and Growth Rate of LED Packaging and Module Industry in Taiwan, Q4 2010-Q2 2012
Ranking of LED Epitaxy Manufacturers in Taiwan by Revenue, 2009-2011
Ranking of LED Epitaxy Manufacturers in Taiwn by Operating Margin, 2009-2011
Ranking of LED Packaging Manufacturers in Taiwan by Revenue, 2009-2011
Revenue of Major LED Manufacturers in China, 2010-2012
Cost Structure of Typical LED
Market Size of LED Front-end Equipment, 2009-2017E
Market Share of Key MOCVD Manufacturers, 2008-2011
Price of 2-inch Sapphire Substrate, Q2 2008-Q2 2012
LED Sapphire Substrate Market by Diameter, 2008-2015
Capacity of Major Global LED Sapphire Substrate Manufacturers, 2010-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Rubicon, 2005-2012
Fabrication Process of Rubicon Technology
Capacity of Rubicon Technology
Roadmap of Rubicon Technology
Revenue of Rubicon by Region, 2009-2011
Revenue of Rubicon by Product, 2009-2011
Revenue of Rubicon by Product Diameter, 2008-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Acme Electronics, 2005-2012
Global Presence of AIXTRON 
Revenue and EBIT Margin of AIXTRON, 2003-2011
Revenue of AIXTRON by Application and Region, 2010
Revenue of AIXTRON by Region, 2011
Revenue of AIXTRON by Application, 1999-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of VEECO, 2004-2012
Application of VEECO MOCVD, 2010-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Everlight, 2002-2012
Revenue of Everlight by Product, 2008-2011
Revenue of Everlight by Application, 2005-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Everlight, May, 2010-May, 2012
Everlight Capacity, 2004-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Epistar, 2000-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Epistar, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue of Epistar by Product, 2010-2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of Genesis Photonics, 2003-2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of Arima Optoelectronics, 2002-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Arima Optoelectronics, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Formosa Epitaxy, 2002-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Formosa Epitaxy, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue of Formosa Epitaxy by Product, 2009-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Bright LED, 2002-2011
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Bright LED, May, 2010-May, 2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of Optotech, 2004-2012
Monthly Revenue of Optotech, May, 2010-May, 2012
Revenue of Optotech by Product, 2008-2011
Revenue of LED Chips & Sensor Products by Region, 2011
Revenue of Optotech System Products by Region, 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Harvatek, 2000-2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of Tekcore, 2005-2012E
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Tekcore, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Unity Opto, 2004-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Unity Opto, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Operating Income of Huga Optotech, 2004-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Huga Optotech, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Lextar Electronics, 2009-2013
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Lextar Electronics, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of TYNTEK, 2004-2012
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of TYNTEK, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Edison Opto, 2006-2011
Monthly Revenue and Growth Rate of Edison Opto, May 2010-May 2012
Revenue and Net Income of Epilight Technology, 2008-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics, 2003-2012
Revenue and Net Income of Hangzhou Silan Azure, 2007-2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Sanan Optoelectronics, 2005-2010
Revenue of Sanan Optoelectronics by Business, 2009-2012
Revenue and Net Income of Sanan Optoelectronics’ Subsidiaries, 2010
Revenue and Net Income of Sanan Optoelectronics’ Subsidiaries, 2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of LED Business of Lianchuang Optoelectronics, 2008-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nationstar, 2007-2012
Revenue of Nationstar by Product, 2007-2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Nationstar by Product, 2010
Revenue and Gross Margin of Nationstar by Product, 2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of AXT, 2004-2012
Revenue of AXT by Product, 2006-2011
Revenue of AXT by Region, 2006-2010
Revenue and Operating Income of Xiamen Changelight, 2007-2012
Revenue and Gross Margin of Neo-Neon, FY2006-FY2012
Revenue of Neo-Neon by Product, FY2009-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Income of HC SemiTek, 2009-2013
Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of HC SemiTek, 2009-2011
Top 5 Customers of HC SemiTek, 2009-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of CREE, FY2004-FY2012
Global Presence of CREE
Revenue of CREE by Region, FY2009-FY2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Toyoda Gosei, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of LED Business of Toyoda Gosei, FY2008-FY2013
Revenue and Operating Margin of Nichia, 2003-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of LED Division of Nichia, 2004-2012
Revenue of OSRAM Opto Semiconductor by Product, FY2008
Revenue and EBITDA of Philips Lumileds, Q1 2010-Q1 2012
Revenue of Philips Lumileds by Business, 2010
Revenue of Philips Lumileds by Business in Recent One Year, by the End of Mar. 2012
Revenue of Philips Lumileds by Region, 2010
Revenue of Philips Lumileds by Region in Recent One Year, by the End of Mar. 2012
Revenue of Philips Lumileds by Application, 2011
Financial Data of Philips Automotive Lighting Hubei Co., Ltd., 2004-2010
Sales of Philips Lumileds’ Businesses Including LED Packaging and LED Lump Hit EUR1 billion in 2010.
Products of Seoul Semiconductor
Revenue and Operating Margin of Seoul Semiconductor, 2003-2012
Revenue of Seoul Semiconductor by Application, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Seoul Semiconductor, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
TV BLU Shipment of Seoul Semiconductor, Q1-Q4 2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG INNOTEK, 2006-2011
Revenue of LG INNOTEK by Division, 2011-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of LED Business of LG INNOTEK, Q1 2011-Q4 2012
Revenue of LED Business of LG INNOTEK by Application, Q1 2012
Revenue of Samsung LED, 2005-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of Samsung LED, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
Revenue of Samsung LED by Application, 2010
Revenue and EBITDA Margin of LUMENS, 2007-2012
Revenue of LUMENS by Application, Q1 2010-Q4 2012

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