Automated Systems Design VP of Corporate Development Speaks at Atlanta Public Schools’ Career Week


Atlanta Public Schools invited Justin Palmer, vice president of corporate development for Automated Systems Design (ASD®), to speak at the 2011 College and Career Motivation Week, which took place this November. College Career Motivation Week encourages and motivates students to focus on success in high school and to start preparing for college and a future career.

The College and Career Motivation Week began as “Youth Motivation Day,” but has since been expanded to include a full week of exciting and informative learning activities with a new emphasis on college and career readiness. Each activity is designed to increase students’ awareness of what it means to compete in a global society with people from around the world. The event includes a Dress for Success Day, a College Spirit Day, as well as workshops on how to apply for college and how to effectively interview for jobs and complete applications. Successful professionals from the community are invited to speak at career awareness sessions to educate students about various career options and inspire them to succeed.

Justin Palmer spoke about his role as vice president of corporate development at Automated Systems Design, as well as what it took for him to reach his current level of success. During his presentation, Palmer focused on the benefits of higher education, networking, a strong work ethic, as well as the importance of volunteering and community service.

“It is important for these high school students to hear from and engage with business professionals from around the community. These students need to be aware of all their options, and be encouraged to passionately pursue those opportunities for success,” said Palmer.


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