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Case 1: Expanded Plastic market in China
To get overall understanding of Expanded Plastic market in China, including supply & demand, operation of large scale enterprises, overall operating revenues and profits, market share, import & export, competition, prospect
To focus on Automotive Expanded Plastic in China, covering market size of expanded plastics (particularly EPP) in China automotive industry, geographical distribution and demand & supply, functions of expanded plastics (particularly EPP) used in different car models, competitive environment, key players, market segment (EPP, EPS, EPU, etc), influence of substitutes
To analyze suppliers of Automotive Expanded Plastic and customers (Profile of major automotive parts factories, Revenue and profit of the companies, Locations and facilities, Main suppliers of these factories)

Case 2: Research on China Notebook/Ultrabook internal signal cable assembly market status and opportunities
China Notebook/Ultrabook/Smart TV market trends China Notebook/Ultrabook internal signal cable assembly market status and opportunities
The ranking and market shares of leading players in China Notebook/Ultrabook internal signal cable assembly market
The target SWOT analysis
Insights/suggestions to the target

Case 3: China Wireless Value-added Business Research
Target: to give a landscape of the five wireless value-added businesses, including mobile phone SNS, mobile phone music, mobile phone video, mobile game and mobile internet, and their development trend.
Case 4: China Digital TV Application and Development Trend
Target: analyzes related standards and technologies for oversea promotion, enterprises operation in the DTV industry chain, and go-out strategy of DTV industry.
Case 5:China auto glass lifter and rearview mirror industry research
Target: China auto rearview mirror and glass lifter AM and aftermarket size, development trend, segmented products supply, competition structure, major players and their financials

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