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Case 1: Car consumer habit investigation in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou for Toyota (Beijing) (street interview and telephone interview)

Case 2: In car entertainment market investigation in China for Toyota (Beijing) (offline questionnaire)
Target: auto audio, navigation, car TV, DVD, Bluetooth assembly, and their supply source, price, etc.
Case 3: Auto accessories control investigation
Target: assembly and control of auto interior lamp, gate lock, warning system, car window, wing mirror, air conditioner, windsheild wiper, etc for 96 models of eight car brands, including Beijing Hyundai, Nissan and SGM, etc
Case 4: China Auto multimedia market investigation
Target: based on street interview and offline questionnaire, analyzes recognition, attitude, purchasing willingness, expense source and self-expense on auto multimedia.
Case 5: Bottled Water and Barreled Water Market Survey in Beijing
Target: market size of bottled water and barreled water; main enterprises and operations, consumer behaviors and favorableness survey

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