Chana accelerates the layout in alternative energy vehicles; four new models will be launched in the year

In the current auto market, big auto companies are striving to enlarge their market sizes. According to Chana’s plan, it will speed up the layout in alternative energy vehicles, investing in RMB 18b new products and platforms in the future. Besides, four new models will be launched in 2016.
Chana published its development strategy on alternative energy vehicles in last year. It will launch 34 new models in 2015 to 2025 and the total investment will be RMB 18b. Zhu Huarong, President of Chana said that, “Alternative energy vehicles and intelligent cars will be the key points in Chana’s transformation and upgrading.”
Eado PHEV is a new alternative energy vehicle model launched by Chana after Petrol-version and BEV-version models. The new model has the basically the same appearances with other current models. The PHEV model equips with a hybrid driving system combining a 1.5L gasoline engine, the capacity of which is 84 KW, and an electric motor.
The New Benni EV is also designed based on an ordinary version, with slight difference with ordinary Benni in appearance. The range of it is 200 KM, with a highest speed of 125 KM/H. The New Benni EV is a BEV model based on the current model, greatly decreasing cost and researching period.
Auchan EV is another BEV model, after Eado EV. It equips with a permanent magnetism synchronous motor, with the highest power of 60 KW and torque 240 NM, along with a range of 200 KM. Besides, its battery has a faster charging speed than lithium cell, the using time of which is two times of lithium cell.
Eulove EV is a BEV MPV developed on the Chana Eulove gasoline-version model. It’s revealed that the new car will have the same driving system with Auchan and range of 200 KM. Till now, Chana’s layout in BEV models tends to reach perfection.
Decrease in sales of Acura may make it hard to achieve the goal which means that annual sales may be 100,000 units by 2020.


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